What level to unlock classes?

At what level should a player be at to be able to unlock the new classes? Cause quite frankly, I’m finding it difficult to even get past the third of the four matches to unlock warlord. I know I’m fairly new to the game and I know I pretty much suck so I was wondering is it my lack of skill or do I need to find a way to improve my cards more?

Edit: And of course, after typing all this out I was able to finally unlock Warlord, my first class. Guess I should have asked sooner since apparently RNGsus only likes it when I complain.

That would really help, what kind of team are you using?

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I mostly use a team consisting of Hobgoblin/Boar Rider/Goblin/Goblin Shaman. It’s what has worked for me for getting through the kingdom quests that I have played through so far. While typing this response, I did just manage to beat the third match with that team so there’s that. Figures as soon as I say something I catch a break.

Goblins wouldn’t be a bad choice for you to use. You will notice a big difference in them when you start leveling them up and get ya some trait stones that they require.

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