New player seeking advice, looked haven't found the answer

Hello everyone!! Very new player here, just hit lvl 40​:muscle:t3::muscle:t3:! Sooooo far i love this game. Wish i woulda found it sooner for sure.

Ok so i’m curious how long i should be a warlord before moving to the bard/ assassin/ archer class (i don’t have titan yet)?

My warlord is level 20, and i’m using the crude hammer/tyri/ valkyrie/ dwarf lord (no druid yet). And tbh it seems like the warlord is dominating the game. So when should i move to another class?

As far as getting troops, namely alchemist and druids, does my home kingdom determine the troops i draw from the chests?? Or is it all completely random loot tables?

Again thanks so much for your time.


hello and welcome zachilles.

  1. troop drop is random
  2. for your home kingdom you should use the one with the highest level and star
  3. we at high level change our classes all the time with the use of different teams , so you should look which class fits your team perfectly .

Thank you for the reply. Sooooo just stay warlord for now while still leveling.

yes thats fine , i wanted to give you also that info:
bard is wildfolk , assasin is naga archer is elf class

  1. Enjoy the game.
  2. When you hit lvl100 in Warlord switch ( or when you unlock Titan)
    3 - 99. Join an active Guild ASAP
  1. Love this game.
  2. How do i go beyond level 20? Seems to be my cap for now.
  3. Yes looking for an active one atm.

Heroes have a Level(capped 20) and a Champion Level(capped 100). There are dozens of hero classes. Choose a hero class and equip a weapon(any weapon) in your team, which means you use that hero in the team, then keep playing and you will gain XP to raise the Champion Level.

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Yes. I’m an idiot. I knew that. Thank you for clearing it up.

Ok so stay warlord with the crude hammer until level 100 or titan class.

Should i worry about using ingots to level my crude hammer?? And should i unlock all the masteries on my warlord?

I upgraded all my kingdoms, weapons, troops and classes one at a time.
And why everybody seems so eager to have the Titan class I don’t get. I play in the assassin class and I have a win ratio close to 100% in explore, and I rarely loose a battle in GW. So if you ask me go for the assassin class next. But that’s only my opinion. :wink:

Oh i have the assassin. i was just asking when i should move away from warlord. I’ll look into the assassin more, but don’t i want the mountain crusher weapon to use with assassin?

If you have the Dawnbringer, no need for the crusher. What is handy to have are the weapons that destroy enemy armor and do damage like Mang, Hope’s Cresent, Fleshripper…. to use in the later stages of Raid Boss and Seige.

He’s level 40… So I’m gonna guess that he doesn’t have Dawnbringer…

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Don’t need no dawnbringer when you have a crude hammer that’s doing work lol


I say stick with it as long as you feel it’s still dominating, or you’re still having fun. If you want to experiment with something else, you can always change back 24 hrs later. I definitely found the Warlord to be very strong to begin with, as well.

Also, note that you can use whatever weapon you wish. Crude (club?) is a good one for Warlord, since it gets +5 magic with red weapons - but there might be times when something else is called for. Definitely upgrade it with common ingots! Commons are not hard to get, and the bonus stats are helpful.

Hope this helps, and hope you keep enjoying things :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, +1 to the guild suggestion. You’d be welcome to join mine, if you’d like, which has a 500 seal requirement. PM me if you’d like more details :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah… right… sorry a little oversite on my part…

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@Strat @Gerry1366 @soulhacker

Is there a way for me to link my troops? To see if i have any good combos or other things i can use that i may not be aware of?

For instance I’ve gotten a couple legendary troops. namely divine ishbaal. She seems to work really well with my valkyrie and warlord using the crude hammer. But idk if that’s really good or not, or if i have better options.

I also pulled a lust. Idk what to do with her, she sucks. But again she may have a place in a different team.

Maybe there’s a tool i’m not aware of that shows useful/ popular builds with troops?

Last thing, what’s the soulforge and how do i get one?

Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: you get the Soulforge by completing all of the quests in the Blighted Lands, all the way to the far right of the map.


Register an account and bind GoW to browse your collection.


@soulhacker wow thanks for that link. What a great resource!!

Couple questions, what exactly does exploding gems do? I’ve pulled a dragon soul and gorgotha. Dragon soul is amazing and does some heavy lifting. But i can’t really figure out how to use gorgotha. Currently using war and peace, the dragon, gorgotha and divine ishbaala.

Is there anyway to make my hero a dragon type??

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You have pulled some really great troops!