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What is the in Game Font(s)?

Does anyone know what font(s) are used within Gems of War? Devs probably know, but I figured I ask publicly for any of those font experts out there. xD @Sirrian @Nimhain @Andrew @Nex @Mr.Strange

Particular ones of interest are the fonts used on the cards and the numbers of the cards, but a list of all of them if possible would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Asking the REAL questions :yum:


Most of the text is done in Albertus.
Heading font is Ardagh


Now we know what to use in Photoshop, thanks!

… I’ve never ever heard of those two …

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Do note that you have to license many fonts for commercial use (and I’m fairly sure that YouTube would count as commercial use.)

I do not think that is what he means. Incoming fake pics of this game!

Oh, sorry. I saw the dragon avatar and thought tacet.

Apologies, Shimrra.

This again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The fonts in question are available with an open license.

Allencon is also used in a few banners.


So the devs started browsing font libraries and never got any further than A. :slight_smile:


That is normally how I choose fonts. I tend to stay in T’s. xD

Those sounds incredibly made up, Ardagh looks like the cousin to Qwerty!

Ardagh is a very guttural-sounding word to me. Perhaps one of the devs heard it somewhere. Could be what the Great Maw utters when he’s smacking his lips…

Makes me think of Ardneh, from Fred Saberhagen’s “Complete Book of Swords”

Ardagh sounds Klingon

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Sounds Gaelic to me. In fact, it ends with “agh” just like shillelagh.


Technically, all words are “made up” :wink:

The REAL :tm: