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Gems of War Fonts

Hi Everyone,

Is there anyway to get hold of the GOW font in the game as per the screenshot below?


We’re planning on doing some graphics work for our guild and recreating this font proved quite difficult.

Is this something we could kindly ask your favor?

Thank you!

We don’t offer this font, I am sorry!!! (I’m pretty sure it was made just for the logo and doesn’t exist as an actual font.)

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Hi salty

While I’m amazed that you answered that post after only 13 minutes, you need to make better use of your time. @WishKiller isn’t happy with his ps4 problem being ignored. Lots of other people feel the same way. But please address future font questions post haste.

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Don’t be mean to Salty, damnit! She gives (up to) 4 codes on her stream! >:(

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If I can answer something quickly and easily, I will.

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Albertus is a font that has a very similar visual look

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Thank you @Saltypatra
I understand you have your hands full and really appreciate the quick response :blush:

Thank you @Neffy!
Our designer used the font you suggested and created our guild logo :blush:


He also sent his appreciations for the guidance.

Thank you!

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@Fiara No worries!! It looks really good :smiley:

It looks fantastic!

Albertus is the font I use on GoWDB to match the game’s (old) visual style.