What does an AI think Gems of War looks like?

Prompt: Gems of War

Prompt: Gems of War Match 3

Prompt: Gems of War Match 3 Video Game

Prompt: Gems of War Match 3 Video Game Epic Heroes and Villains, Fantasy Creatures, Game Cover



Honestly, I can totally see these being the art in a game.

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If anyone wants to see more art stuff, feel free to give me prompts (text descriptions of what you want). I use MidJourney, paid version.

That’s impressive. Perfect to draw inspiration from if you’re an artist.

Dall-e didn’t do bad either.


Well, here’s my first attempt. Thanks for the nightmares, Mr. AI.

Craiyon has a tendency to actually just copy images that it’s found on the internet, literally. Occasionally you can see this for yourself when you’ll see what looks like watermarks in the images. These are from images it’s scraped from stock photo websites.

Draakulis from Ghulvania, Undying, Armored, King’s Will, wielding the Vampiric Blade

The Worldbreaker from Divinion Fields, Dragon Centaur, Infernal Armor, wielding the Vorpal Blade

Yao Guai from Shentang, Elf Daemon, Infernal Armor, Mana Shield, Corruption, wielding the Blade of Despair

Herald of Chaos from Blighted Lands, Daemon Knight, Leader, Armored, Death Touch, wielding the Hex Blade


This is so freaking cool! I’ve loved looking at these!

Would you do one for The Wild Queen @igniteice? Keywords probably
The Wild Queen, Wildfolk, From Pan’s Vale, holding a Rose, Savage Dance, Warmaster, wild child, wild frenzy, Skulls, bones

Unless you can think of better keywords?

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I’m working on this :wink: If you’d like to try for yourself and you have discord, I can invite you to my server and you can use the MidJourney bot for 25 free images. The official server is super packed.

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Yes please! My discord is Hawx#6146

I love those pics, I’ve grabbed a couple to add to my screensaver :heart_eyes: thank you!