What happens, when a fight becomes unplayable?

Not talking about a reshuffle, but a board, that allows for no more matches at all.
With the Gobmother enemies in the current event, I start to see larger parts of the board turning into wish gems, that neither my team nor the enemy can work with. I guess, the same could have been achieved with Deep Dwarf, stone blocks and very, very much patience before.
Given two teams with no explosion skill and a while of no exploding skulls, this could in theory lock a whole board. Has anyone seen, what happens in this case?

They did add in some functionality after stone block generation was introduced. Basically clears the board and wipes all mana.


The game used to freeze. I created a bug report.
Because of special gems, I hadn’t been able to repro it, but I can try again now that the potions are gone.
Video: No moves leads to a mana drain.