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What happens if Salty/Cyrup have too much coffee?

What do YOU think would happen if Salty or Cyrup had too much coffee?
Will they become very hyper?
Will they start talking 1000 words per minute?
Will they give out codes for free Orbs of Power?
What do you think?

You assume there is an upper limit of coffee for them that would constitute “too much” if surpassed. I posit this upper limit doesn’t exist so the question is mute.

Have you SEEN the size of @Saltypatra’s cup and the number of them she owns???


I’ll try my best to make an australian impersonation to answer such question:
G’day mate, therain’t such a thin’ as too much coffee, cheers! :wink:


Long ago I remember a thread where Slashdot put its mind to how much coffee it would take to die of caffeine overdose.

It was made difficult by noting there isn’t really a lot of study into how much caffeine is an “overdose”, mostly when people die from caffeine there are other conditions like heart disease that were exacerbated by the caffeine. Ultimately, they decided that several other compounds present in coffee would likely kill you far before the caffeine.

Anecdotally, I know it takes more than two pots to kill someone.

Maybe they go around tormenting children like cuppa joe.

Salty is the female version of chuck norris. She never get too much coffee and if she spill coffee on her, she not covered of coffee but the coffee is covered of salty