What happened to caring devs?

There is no doubt in my mind that the devs stopped caring about the community. 2 years ago they were active in the forums, answering questions. And updating us…now nothing. They went downhill and may as well be Rockstar Games devs. A few points…the GNOME_A_PALOOZA Fiasco…first time they EVER did something player/customer friendly…they nerfed the everloving +×+× out of it…so they could protect bottom end…they already get cash hand over fist from us. …which due to certain actions from the devs a few years ago…I no longer financially support this game or any games by their mother company…then the lycanthropy gem issue…they have been told by almost the entire fan base that lycanthropy gems were not needed or wanted in any way…last point I’ll make here is the lack of communication …The devs have completely put theirs selves on a pedestal so high they can no longer see the players…it’s pretty bad when 2K,ROCKSTAR And CD PROJECT RED are 10 times more caring more transparent and listens to their fan bases so much more.


This… is something I’ve never heard :joy:

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Everything is ‘working as intended’ in this game.

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Fixed the typo…selves.

Exactly…dev doublespeak.

Umm? :confused:

I mean, you can hardly compare ROCKSTAR to Rockstar Games.
One releases the same game for about 3 generations, the other makes sugary energy drinks.

Christ I didn’t find it necessary to spell out Rockstar Games twice. Anyone with any sense knows exactly who I was talking about…pitiful attempt at trolling a serious thread.

I thought it is 2021? :thinking:

Yup, they don’t care anymore, so many high level real money spenders I know who left the game, im pretty close now too and stopped spending money on their crap 4 months ago. They don’t care? I don’t care.

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I thought it was some bizarre reference to Elf on a Shelf