What Diamantina should have been

What Diamantina should have been to make worth all the trouble to craft it.

For your discussion and feedback.

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Super OP. (10 chars)

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Well it costly AF.

Now this redesign is worth all the grind for Dragonite and collecting the six dragons and three rings. The first trait feels OP imo, that feels like a third trait more than anything. I’d replace that with something like Arcane or Mana Shield. Other than that, good show :+1:t5: :+1:t5: :+1:t5:

Not with all mana colors. It’s cheap. One thrall fills it. And you never get another turn.


Why not “instantly kill all 4 enemies” as spell? Might as well be. :sweat_smile::joy:


Insta kill all 4 enemies + cleanse all allies + convert all gems to uber doomskulls + 3rd trait should be all allies gain: “100% to deal true damage”.

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Yes it is overpowered for sure, I agree. That is why I have it here for discussion and feedback.
What alternative you guys think or you want to be?

Here is a revised version, also for your feedback.

I think this troop is fine as is…will be used on many teams…and possibly replace Phoenicia as the best t6 to t7 team in the game… The only thing I would have changed was give it impervious…maybe even replace it’s skull trait with impervious since you probably don’t want to mana block your team when using it any way…

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Damage compared Diamantina/Phoenicia (with fire storm)


From my perspective is Diamantina already pretty strong and doesnt need to be boosted anymore.


Great post…

On top of the damage, you are not restricted to a storm, and each skull match increases the damage by 4…and boost the team. Right now my Phoenicia hits for about 135-140 damage in practice each cast. My guess is Diam should hit for 10-15 more on average depending if a skull match happens or not.

She should also be trivial to fill if you put something like Thrall or Marilith in front of her, lots of extra mana to flow through. The way the third trait is worded she doesn’t have to be up front to trigger the boost to magic.