Dimetraxia is way too weak

Could this cute little fire dragon get a bit of a push-up? :slight_smile:

I mean, she is at least “epic” and at max level she deals 13 (in word: THIRTEEN) damage spread over all opponents? This is an average of a bit more than 3 damage/opp.
Maybe let her inflict flames to 100% or at least 75% instead of 30% or just increase the base damage. But she is currently unplayable weak.

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At the end game she is dealing 26 randomly split damage but thats still nothing.
I agree that she should burn everyone with 100% chance.


A lot of cards that do damage randomly divided are extremely weak vs cards that do damage to all.

I understand that it needs to balance out, but right now, the damage randomly done to all barely matches the damage done to all.
For example, even doing 26 randomly split, is still a lot weaker then legendary garuda who does 28 to all (112 total).

I think a lot of legendary cards with damage randomly split, need a big boost.
If a damage to all card does 100 damage to all cards and 25 damage to 1 card, then maybe a damage randomly split card should do the medium of that, aka 100+25 / 2 = about 62 damage randomly split.
That way it will be weaker when attacking 3 or 4 opponents, but stronger when you’re attacking 1 or 2.

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Sounds like a good solutuon. Randomly split does need boosts in many cases. For example not on Rowanne xD

Giving dimetraxia 100% burn on cast would synergie good with its third trait so its base damage doesnt even have to be increased.

Yeah imagine the Dragon family celebrations, when they all meet up. Everyone is successful and stuff, Dragons pretty much dominating Krystaras business world, and even the less successful Dragons have found at least a somewhat decent job in the employment of Orks, and Dimetraxia having to justify her shitty Darkstone janitor aide job all evening, being looked down on and judged by all the other Dragons.


There is so many poor split around damage troops in this game, hopefully some can be saved. :slight_smile:
I hope at least the Imps is high on the pritority list.

Troops that should get some boost to their randomly split damages in my opinion:

  • Autumnal Imp: now deals 3 base + magic > Make it 3 base + magic x2 (would make its magic gains more significant)

  • Dimetraxia: now it has 25% chance ti burn all enemies > make it 100% chance to synergie with Dim’s third trait

  • Dokkalfar: now dealing 4 base + magic > make it base 4 + magic x2 (doesn’t need more as he also summons)

  • Ifrit: now dealing 8 base + magic and burns a random enemy > make it 8 base + magic boosted by burning enemies x5

  • Imp of love: same solution as previous imp

  • Ketras the bull: make its damage randomly split

  • Sacrificial priest: now dealing 12 base + attack of sacrificed troop > make 12 base + 2x attack of sacrificed troop

  • Sharkey: now dealing 5 base + magic boosted by gold collected 3:1 > make it 5 base + magic boostes by gold collected 1:1 (make sharky great again!)

  • Spooky Imp: see solution for the first Imp

  • Spring Imp: see solution for thr first Imp

  • Steam turret: now deals 3 base + magic > make it 1 base + 3x magic (3x because it does nothing else)

  • Summer Imp: see solution for the first Imp

  • Sylph: now deals 1x attack damage randomly split > make it 2x attack damage (even durring this weeks when Sylph is boosted 50% it doesnt deal much damage)

  • Winter Imp: see solution for the first Imp

  • Zephyros: now deals 5 base + magic boosted by yellow gems destroyed in a column x3 > make boost ratio from yellow gems x5


Imps is small little creatures that plague humans to death in some fairytales. In this game they cant even bit an humans ear off…

  1. Don’t for get split damage becomes more powerful with less troops vs damage to all that remains the same no matter how many enemy troops remain.

  2. That said the OP is completely correct 13 is ridiculous, most of the others that do split damage are too low as well. I think the problem is split damage is balanced for the INITIAL version of the game where everything had very low health and armor and its never been scaled. Perhaps it is time to reexamine all the split damage troops as mentioned above.


Exactly this. And not only that, but also new troops that are being added also dont have good scaling split damage in most cases.

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You are correct on both points.

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When creating new Split Damage troops there are probably using old troops as a damage ‘model’. Normally that works to help keep things in balanced. But in this case they are just not viable due to the changing nature of the game.


I believe this falls under a more broad category that we have discussed not so long ago. And most of us agreed. All damage randomly split is out of balance to the weak side. Just like single target abilities

In short, the topic talks about magic being an extremely outdated stat. Anything that isn’t AoE doesn’t make sense with magic after playing this game for more than a month.

The proposal and idea was to band-aid the system with different ratios as following.

  • Damage randomly split magic scaling increased to 200% (to give it an identity of low AoE but strong single target, which is extremely conditional)
  • Single target damage scaling from magic increased to 150% (true damage stays 100%)
  • Single target buffs (giving only one stat from health, armor, attack or magic) scaling from magic increased to 150%

(On the other hand, the issue can be helped by simply reducing the ratio of AoE (and multi-buffing) abilities by some amount, let’s say 30%)

[spoiler] The proposed numbers would raise the effect of split damage to roughly 5 more damage per target, but would become more potent at execution (at which point you’ve probably already won anyway).
For single target damage abilities, the damage would go up to around 10.
And it would leave early game the same way it is, since magic is low at those areas.

Troops have around 55 HP/Armor stats without +1 kingdoms, 70 with guild bonuses, and around 90 end-game with all bonuses. I doubt promoting Split Damage or Single Target damage by straightforward buff would break the game. You’d need 8-12 casts of single target damage ability (you also need to charge them) to win. It usually takes me 3-4 casts of AoE to win a game. [/spoiler]

Sorry for the long reply, but I do believe this is an issue that requires attention sooner or later. Especially when there’s more progress for the game scheduled (+2 kingdom stats, 4 total).

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Dust devil also need to hit more then 5 to everyone

DD used to hit more then 5, but devs set it to static as it was used to much for explore. But now we have a lot other troops that can do the same that it lost point. .

Scatter dmg (internal name for random randomly split amongst enemies), may be weak at the start of battle but does get more powerful the less enemies there are to hit.

So we have to keep that in mind when we balance those troops.

Also new players can encounter Steamturret early in Adana to any adjustments we make need to be after level 10, so it doesn’t hit too hard.

That said, there are some troops that could use some love in the future


@Nimhain , it does get as powerful as any single target damage in the 1st place. And to get that benefit you need to kill 3 troops before that. So it is weak at the start of the battle, and only as powerful as single target damage troops if conditions are extremely favorable (and single target damage is weak anyway).

Scaling of magic would almost completely ignore the early-game. Magic below level 100 is extremely low to make a difference but piles up at player progression of Kingdoms and guild bonuses.


Wow, it seems, I was heard :slight_smile:
Looked at Dimetraxia, she now deals 26 (instead of 13) with a 75% chance to burn enemies.
Thats a step in the right direction and together with Elemaugrim (which I opened saturday /cheers!) those two are nice to play :slight_smile:
Thank you!