Boss Dragons change proposal

The Dragons are not to bad but a little buff would be appropriate.
because they are rather unsuitable or weak in PvP or GW.
Hence my suggestion:

  • Changed mana cost from 28 to 26.
  • Chance of an extra turn from 10% to 20% or 30%.

It would be a blessing for exploring.

I think Diamantina needs a rework imo. Instead of turning Skulls into Doomskulls, how 'bout turning a Gem of one’s choosing into Doomskulls. Or would that make her OP.

Isn’t Diamantina’s spellcast already comparable to the other boss dragon spells (turn colored gems into Giant colored gems) ?

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For me this is wrong cause if used with a weapon that gives both a random status effect and mana back to my troops including my Ruby dragon its a big advantage in pvp and event battles. If you heard of switch’s event for the weekend which was invasion which if buying more sigils with gems you would gain a new weapon which would be a mystic spellbook containing what I just said above then adding it to your team is super helpful although yes it does need a tiny rework to the dragon even though her spell spreads giant fire mana in the battle which if matched gains her mana back and if spammed lets say in a goblin team is super helpful.

Mystic Manuscript? That is also hardly a unique case, Tower Invasion (and Raid Boss) events are often paired with a weapon to the precise formula of “Explode # [Color] Gems. Grant a Random Status Effect to all [Type] Allies. Then summon a [Type] Troop.” (“type” being either a named Troop Type or a Kingdom).

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The only rework they need is Invulnerable like other boss troops.


What would you give up for invulnerable?

If the original 6 had a buff, it would definitely be lowering its mana cost, followed by changing x color gem to giant gem mechanic to not change the same color gem (i.e. it shouldn’t be red gem to red giant gem) (even skulls to x color giant gems would be cool). Lost track of how many times changing those 5 gems to giant gems backfired heavily since it just leaves it on the table for the opponent to take very easily.


Hahahahahaha how about NO.

X to Y converters are EXTREMELY powerful compared to what I’d call “upgraders” (change one X to special X, e.g. Slayer Ghost), not to mention how with the Gem Dragons specifically this would trigger their 3rd trait massively (also any troop with a trait triggering on matches of 4+). And in the hands of a player (not that the cpu suffers any hurt feelings for it), an X-to-Y converter is usually saved for layouts that can guarantee at least one match of 4 or more gems upon casting.

Personally, I’d rather see Impervious over Invulnerable – contrary to popular belief, Invulnerable is rare even among Boss troops. (base Zuul’Goth = Impervious; bosses Hatir and Skroll = nope)

I didn’t ask for a straight up converter. We already have troops like The Onyx Giant (8 of a chosen color to uber doomskulls) and the Onyx Blade (8 yellow gems to uber doomskulls). Those aren’t “”“”“”“”“”“”“EXTREMELY powerful”“”“”“”“”“”“”".

We already have the 6 lazy The Jewel Giants (Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Umbral (why this isn’t Garnet is beyond me), Sapphire, Amethyst) and no one uses them.

Are they “”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“” EXTREMELY powerful “”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”" ?

Absolutely not.

Why aren’t they “”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“” EXTREMELY powerful “”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”" ?
Because converting a small amount of gems is inconsistent beyond belief and there’s no guarantee it’ll convert what you want.

And that’s all I’m saying should happen for these dragons. Change 5 Gems of any color besides their base color to their base color Giant Gem so I’m not just handing the AI 5 Giant Gems on an untouched board to match on their turn since they get first crack at it if the extra turn doesn’t kick in. Its such a feels bad moment when the AI gets the turn right after you cast these base dragons.

If you played with the boss dragons for any amount of time, you would know this would not trigger their 3rd trait “massively”. We already get Storms that can cascade multiple matching color matches to trigger said 3rd trait and those aren’t even “massive” gains. Every bit helps but to call it “massive” is laughable. If 2 magic multiple times was “massive”, Emperinazara would be considered a top tier must use troop since you can get 2 life and 2 mana on demand from an excessive amount, but… she’s not. Because even her gains aren’t “massive”.

So no. I do not agree with your statement at all.


Okay, well stated.

This is an important caveat for basically ANY mass gem creator/converter.

Then why not just make it a “create # (giant) gems” outright? There are literally NO spells with “convert # X to Y” – traits yes, spells no.

I’ve already listed 7 troops and a weapon that do.

You can add Fountain of Stars to that list as well. 5 Green Gems into Purple Potions.

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I have some proposal about Diamantina. The rarest and hardest troop to get in the game.

Change first trait to Thick Head and change the second trait ratio to 85% or 90% since, Diamond is the mineral with the highest rank about hardness out there. It seems a good deal to not put invulnerable or impervious
Leave third trait like that.

Okay … probably because they are Mana Potion Gems.

But for the 7 Gem Dragons, yes that is a “convert # gems” but it also doesn’t create any new matches (as when converting one gem color/type to a different color/type), which is what I was thinking of when I said “X to Y” convertor.

And the weapon would be … Moonblade? Okay, you’re right there too. But like Fountain of Stars, it also has the excuse of them being Lycanthropy gems we’re talking about.

Come on…

I get that you’re a Switch player and a newer player at that and it makes it hard for me to take your objections seriously, but… at least do a little research or even just read before commenting…

Yeah, this is definitely not my best example of trying to debate points … in my defense, converting a limited number of Gems into a different matchable type is legitimately a new design pattern (since Campaign 2) and examples are very much a minority.

I didn’t dispute the Troops because while setting my filter to “Convert Gems” and “Show All” I realized that you obviously meant the 7 dragons themselves. As for Onyx Blade, if that’s a Hellcrag weapon then we won’t see it on Switch for at least another campaign or two so it’s impossible for me to confirm it in-game.