What counts as a training battle?

I’m confused! I have been doing campaign tasks but am not entirely sure which battles count as training ones.

I figured out that realm challenges don’t count but it seems as though Adventure board battles don’t. I saw someone’s screenshot of a battle set up where it stated that the battle was a training one but I’ve not seen anything that tells me. I’ve been doing several battles which haven’t counted - this is rather frustrating! Could someone clarify this please?

A) when you open PvP, click on Defenders tab and fight against your own defense team;
B) when you open somebody else’s player profile, go to PvP tab there and fight against their defense team.

I am not aware of other instances that would count as training.

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Thank you. However, I’m now even more confused! the task I’m supposed to be doing is to win 4 battles with a team from Dhrak-Zum. The team I have chosen has all troops, weapon, banner and class from Dhrak-Zum and I was doing the daily adventure boards. I completed 7 out of the 9 battles with the Dhrak-Zum team yet none of them counted towards the task.

I have done other tasks with specific teams before and they have counted (using all troops, weapon, banner and class as above) and I completed the task. Any idea what I’m doing wrong this time?

What level is your hero class? I’ve heard it should be at least L10 to count as kingdom troop for this specific task. Weapon and banner should not influence anything.
You can also try replacing hero with another Dhrak-Zum troop and check what happens then.

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Ah, that might be it then - it’s level 1. I’ve been getting the souls to upgrade it. I’ll try that and see if it makes a difference.

This! We found that in campaign 1, that it needs to be L10 at least

Had enough souls to upgrade and hey presto - battles are now counting towards my task. Thank you so much Dust_Angel, this was driving me crazy!!

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This was useful, because I have always thought that hero doesn’t count, but good to know it was only because the low class levels :+1:

Tip for future → get all your classes to L10 at least. Improve them 1 by week → with coresponding kingdom.

I always upgrade my classes - when I have enough souls. I just didn’t know classes would need to be a certain level to count towards tasks.