Kingdom specific daily task - Weapons don't count?

I’m not sure if this is working as intended or not. Today, one of my daily tasks is to win 5 battles using 3 troops from Karakoth. Initially, I set up my team with the following Karakoth weapon/troops: Wizard’s Wand, Abhorath, Dark Troll, and then chose Ranger (Maugrim Woods).

The weapon shows as being a part of Karakoth. So, I have 3 Karakoth troops including the weapon. But, when I won a match, the daily task did not update to show my progress. I tried again, won another match and the same thing happened. No progress.

I replaced the Wizard’s Wand with Myzmer and won a match. Only then did the daily task update with my progress.

So, do weapons not count toward a kingdom specific task even though it shows as being part of that kingdom?

Weapons will count towards tasks involving colors. To make your hero count for a task demanding kingdom’s compositions you would need to change to a class of said kingdom.


That makes sense, thanks!