What about the veterans

It’s of my opinion that the last few give aways and updates are seemingly targeting new players! I get it’s important to grow the game with new blood but pushing veteran players aside who have been playing the game for years is not only wrong but will back fire. A soul game crasher is as about uses full to a veteran as fleas on a dog!


So true, I was dissapointed seeing only those normal soul BC’s. Is that and the calendar all there is for Easter week. I’m bored…


It may not help those of us who have no use for souls but it greatly helps new players and is not hurting us at all. If it isn’t helpful to you then why does it matter so much that it exists and helps others that are not you or me?


It would be nice if there was something for everyone, I’m no veteran, but I would love the option of choice in many parts of the game. As for this, a chance to choose battlecrashers, gold would be much more to my liking and for the weekend, choose a faction you wanna replay…

But most of the content is for veteran players who can experience it. Cursed runes and the soulforge going up to 20 for instance is not something that helps new players especially for those that missed the increased drop rate period. It is ok we all get stuff that is for us we don’t need to be upset by the stuff that isn’t for us just remember that it is nice for those who can enjoy it and need it. My mom plays GoW she is still needing souls badly to level troops and get Duskbringer. It helping her and not hurting me is something I am happy about.


As the Underworld has (mostly) come to a close, I imagine there is something big coming down the pipeline eventually. Personally though, I think it’s a great idea to work on early-mid game in the interim.


There is an underworld update coming. There will be common troops added for each faction and there will be a way to upgrade a delve to deep delves and also a way to purchase potions in the treasure hoard that work like the faction assault potions. The last few language diff files on taran’s world have shown some info on this.


Oh, can’t wait for that one :heart_eyes:

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True that! I’m all for it. Let’s better the average player experience before hitting the new stuff.


I am excited for it as well. Will help players with the resources trying to work their way through the factions a chance to get them done without waiting for faction assaults or wasting weeks/months on potionless runs in one faction. No idea on the specifics beyond what is shown in the files like how much it costs to buy them if there is a limited duration or use for them etc but the convenience of it will be much better even if it is a bit more costly than faction assault tiers. The fact you have only one day on tuesday faction assaults on a weekday makes it difficult to get them done and the weekend faction assaults they have said they will be rotating through will be few and far between still.


The only “vet” targeted content this games gets are useless “car(r)ot” cards to chase to try and keep them busy.


That doesn’t really strike me as wrong, I like having a carrot or two to chase, it’s way better than having no goal left at all. Like, I never understood the controversy about the 100 golden troops achievement. It’s something to work towards, there’s a bit of progress every now and then, you can always check how close you are.

What I would really like to see is something done with excess champion experience. Maybe increase the level cap, adding some useful generic talents (e.g. +10% to [stat] for [color] troops). Or add an Elite class that is always active on top of the selected class, receives all excess champion experience, has no level cap and offers further hero customization, like overriding the hero race/kingdom for team building purposes. That would be an interesting long term carrot to chase.


Its still early to assume that one

Why? It was something teased at in stream months ago and they already started listing some of them in the spoilers on Taran’s World with no release date yet set. Although the cost and colour etc are not yet set and are just placeholders the rarity is something they always start with correct as far as I have ever seen.

because when it says its Common Red troop that has a 3 mana, it means the troop hasn’t been worked on yet. Its legitimately a placeholder until they do anything with the troop and not the actual rarity of the troop.

If you look below that troop in the spoilers, there’s absolutely 0% chance all of those troops are Common troops.

Been looking over spoilers for years, its best to wait on specs until after they fill some details out.

The only thing that would be confirmed is their Kingdom, and that’s if they decide to release it. (and yes they plan to release those 2 faction troops)

Things on Taranworld’s Spoilers are a work in progress and shouldn’t be considered gospel until they’re released

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Yes when it says 3 red mana that is placeholder for the cost and colour the rarity I have never seen adjusted when it starts at mythic quality it ends up being a mythic troop when it starts at common rarity it ends up being a common troop. In my previous guild they had mentioned in a previous stream mention of there being an additional troop for each faction and this would seem to support that. It is doubtful that would be a mythic quality troop for each faction. Also doubtful only a couple factions will have 5 troops while the rest do not. Of course all things in the spoilers could be changed but I would still say that according to everything i have seen and know this is a very likely possibility it would be a good idea to plan for and make sure to have some shards collected anticipating there will in the future be a 5th troop in each faction to grab.

I rather like the Easter battlecrasher, actually … souls (and Traitstone) farming is a persistent need for players at all levels.

I have almost 12M souls. And countless traitstones. At some point you have a lot of that stuff.

Yes, I still need souls for medalling but I’d first need the medals. :sweat_smile:

I still like the battlecrashers. If nothing else they disrupt the enemy team.


Sorry, but neither soul nor traitstone farming are needed at all levels. Early and mid game yes, but not after that. I’ve been playing regularly for about 2 years and haven’t had to farm either since the first six months. I have tens of thousands of traitstones and tens of millions of souls. Like the previous poster, the only use for souls is medalling troops and I’ll always be more constrained by medals.

I’m not objecting to the soul Battlecrasher btw - it’s irrelevant to me, but I remember how desperate for souls I was early in the game, and it’s a good boost for early gamers


Never, never underestimate this. I remember beating the story questline in Dragon’s Claw only by virtue of a Treasure Gnome replacing The Dragon Soul in the enemy lineup.

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