Well Duh! Why do i even have to being this up

For the love of god when I type spell effect for poison please add traits related to poison also. I know Euryali poisons but is it listed NO!!! Why must we bring up the dumbest things to you all when it should already be in the game .


One of these thing is not like the other. Maybe that’s why it fails… The search in GoW while not perfect is much BETTER when used correctly. I think your suggestion would be more interesting, and fair to the developers, if you would change it to add another filter for “Poison related” traits.

This way all player would benefit from a better searching engine for troops that deal extra damage agains poisoned targets in this example. The same would apply to extra damage against stunned target, webbed, enemies from a certain color…

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try searching for warlock and have fun scrolling through all those to get to that particular warlock troop.


Trait filter would work also. Its just so aggravating that i can’t find what I want . I do not know traits by heart because there is way too many useless troops in the game. I am aware I can type in Empowered or Impervious and see troops but like I said I don’t know every trait by heart and I am not scrolling through 800+ troops to find it.

And that’s exactly why your propposal would not fit well in some parameters. At some point we can get more troops that have any kind of trait related to status effects, positive and negative, and if we bundle it into a “Search for all troops/cards with this WORD” would be a bit useless as you would get a huge list to sift through…

The more filters we add the better. So players could use the Spell’s Filter to see all spells that cause or get any benefit related to some status effects. And after checking those you could then use the Trait’s Filter to find every traits related to such effects.