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Welcome to THIRD place Birch Team


Your friends and SECOND place team, The Guild of Thieves.

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Congratulations on 2nd place!

Whats the vendetta with birch about?

Wasn’t a thread just like this locked yesterday by @Nex?

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Yeah. Not sure what the point is of starting this thread

Yep, it was the OFFICIAL Birch Guild recruitment thread. A member of another guild took it upon himself to post offensive things in the Birch Guild. This thread has been started by a different guild pretending to be Birch, to post silly things.

I see. That seems a bit immature to me, and not at all in the spirit of a “recruitment” thread – more like petty sniping. Perhaps this is better served in private discourse than with a public attempt at shaming.

Flagging as a “call-out” post, which is a violation of forum rules.

Yeah, I shut down a different Birch Team thread yesterday because it devolved into a petty argument between two people. This thread is currently peaceful, but it’s also entirely unnecessary and doesn’t serve any purpose beyond its potential to start drama.

Sorry @UKresistance. I’m sure you had good intentions, but I’m locking this thread in the interest of avoiding further Birch Team drama.

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