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Delete please


Better join us. After we kicked out inactive players we have a lot of room for gamers. Birch Team is my guild :slight_smile: Everyone is active and donating :slight_smile:


Demolisz… This is… quite insulting and unfair, don’t you think?


I m not sure… If someone join the guld make ten invasions that are not succesfull giving You minus 10 in trophies and then stay inactive for more than week what should you do? If someone on guild chat will say that he will be absent no one kicked him out, that’s obvious :slight_smile:
maybe it is harsh but prevents guild from downfall…


You know I mean fair competition… and asking for people to join YOUR guild in another guild’s thread is quite unfriendly :stuck_out_tongue:


u get mie all wrong. i said we should join forces. that is a difference :slight_smile:


Ooooh now I get it… well… :smiley:
Their choice… but I’d take some players gratefully, too :smiley:

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Please don’t drag threads off topic in future :slight_smile: