Weird Guild Task Refunded Incorrectly


I am not quite sure why this refund occurred, but it doesn’t do what it says it does. This reimbursement of the task gave 12 glory instead of 12 glory keys. I checked my glory key count before and after this task with the result being no change. While 12 glory keys is by no means a huge problem for this guild, it may become a problem when a lower guild gets this issue.


Whoops, thats what happens when you try to fix things for a big guild.

So we were contacted by a member of your guild as they had had an error when completing a task and reported that no one in the guild had received the reward.

Unfortunately we must have put glory instead of glory keys in the mail we sent out.

I’ve gone and manually added 12 glory keys for your guild members. So you should see that in your keys list.