Weird costings of gems in the shop

$5 Stack of gems buys you 50 gems
$10 Bag of gems buys you 100 gems (shouldn’t it be BETTER value than the $5?)
$30 Chalice of gems buys you only 240 gems (worse value than both the $5 and $10 packs)

Gems price are and always been horrible. 100$ for 50 vip chest and random chance to get what you want

50 VIP chests is $130 on PC. I’d say something witty about $100 being a bargain, but, sadly I can’t. $20-30 would be a bargain.

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Yup sorry forgot to mention you need to spend untill you reach vip level 11 so you can get 2500 gems for 100$ :slight_smile:

Gotcha, I wasn’t even thinking about VIP gem purchase bonuses. Thanks for clarifying.

Yeah the prices are weird,Focus on flash Sales, they offer good stuff :+1: