Weekly Event: The Howling


Adopt a killer Wolf Beast this week! Just keep him away from… well… everything… >> http://bit.ly/1L0Nzc4

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More Black Beast fodder; I love him. Cast on Black Beast, devour, summon.


This is probably a dumb question but since I’ve been wondering for a while… these events, are just new/old weapons and cards released for glory purchases in the Shop? Or is there also new/additional quests in a kingdom available also?


Uh… there is a mistake. I just bought the troop and received the autumn imp instead. :confused:


I tried to grab the new troop. The artwork is correct, but the name is Autumnal Imp. I bought one anyways, and received Autumnal Imp.


I also got the Autumnal Imp… Any way we can “return” that and get our glory back or “exchange” it for Fenrir?


@Archenassa, @utfanx2, Wow - you guys are faster than me!

I just fixed the problem… not entirely sure how the Autumnal Imp snuck into the rewards tab, but I removed him as quickly as I could and popped Fenrir in to replace him.

I’ll fix up yourr accounts and add Fenrir in right now… anybody else who is super-speedy and had the problem, contact support, and we’ll switch the Imp over to Fenrir for you.


Thank you Sirrian! :slight_smile:
Yes, we’re the GoW spies, always ready to strike! :smiley:


Okay - fixed for all 3 of you guys.
You may need a restart to see him there, but Fenrir should be lying in wait for you in the Maugrim Woods section of your Troop Menu!


Nice, thanks a lot!


But I wanted another Autumnal Imp… I only had 3 out of 4 from the last event. /s

Thanks; you even set the disenchant threshold for me. :open_mouth:


Looks like something is still going funky with the new troop. Trying to use it to invade (leveled up) and I get a connection lost error every time. I can invade just fine as long as I’m not trying to use the wolf.


I also got autumnal imp instead of Fenrir.

Best regards


Hey Guys,

We’re aware that there seems to be an issue when trying to take Fenrir into battle. We’re currently looking in to it and will let you know when it’s be addressed.


Hey all!

The fix for Fenrir is up, and you should be able to take him into battle.