Weekly Event - The Autumnal Imp Is Nearly Here!


Get the details on this weeks event on the blog! http://gemsofwar.com/a-leaf-on-the-wind/


Buying 4 right away. Oh what’s gonna happen with the summer’s imp? No longer avalible trough keys?


“Removed from Chests: Summer Imp
The Summer Imp has left, a void which the Autumnal Imp now comes to fill!”

So yep, gone from Chests. Fare ye well Summer Imp!


Whoops. I didnt read the news. I only got to buy one, now I want three more.


What? Summer Imp was inside the chests??? Could of fooled me. But then again there are a couple other cards I swear don’t exist too!!


How can we get Autumnal Imp?
From chest?
Or from buying magic keys?


From chests, and for this week only, for Glory! :smiley:


Thanks for info! :smiley:


Didn’t get a single imp from chest during summer. Good thing I bought one.
Doubt I’ll get an autumn imp from chests either :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh so lets see here…

The Autumn Imp has a nice effect, but I don’t think it will see much use. You can look at this as being similar to Behemoth, so lets make the comparison: This costs 12 mana, 3 less than Behemoth, but the Behemoth gets to use blue as well. I am going to assume that at max level this does 10-13 damage split… meanwhile, Behemoth does 6 damage to all enemies, that is 24 damage. While you lose 6 damage if an enemy is dead and the Imp does not, you still have to kill two enemies before you get that kind of value… you also destroy 10 gems while Behemoth only destroys 8. All in all, its an interesting troop, but I think Behemoth outclasses it.

But there are more changes!

Summer Imp got a little spell damage buff, still don’t think it will be used that much, especially since the Autumnal Imp basically outclasses it now because its create 7 red gems effect is conditional on killing an enemy while Autumnal always gets its effect.

Keeper of Souls had its cost reduced to 16, finally. Sheggra needs a bit of love too because it got hit after the skull glitch got erased, we are on the right track here though.

Chimera, mana cost reduced to 12, and deals one more base spell damage, also gets an extra at 12… but this troop is still probably only still arena relevant. In terms of arena, these are big changes. Still, it has its same problems. So now you deal 7 damage to the healthiest enemy, which may not be the first. If its not, its basically deal 7 damage and poison… Dark Maiden can do 4 for half the cost and you can target this. This change will probably move it ahead of Lamia… but still will probably reside in tier 4… especially if we look at Ancient Horror, who does the 7 damage (without either of the other effects) but it can target and it costs 2 less mana.


Hey everyone, minor note about the Autumnal Imp…

If he gets a kill from skull damage with the gems destroyed, but NOT from the scattered damage, he is not getting the Magic Buff. We’ll have that fixed and updated within the next 24 hours.

Autumnal Imp bug

Also, will we be getting some sort of boost for using the Autumnal Imp the week of its release similar to what we got from Summer Imp?


No, we don’t have anything like that planned for the Autumn Imp this week - we decided that it was better if we split our efforts between getting 1.0.7 done (can’t wait to share more info on that, but sorry, nothing for you today), and also on our next kingdom, which is proceeding nicely!


When will 1.07 come out? I mean how long should we wait? :smile:


Sheggra’s Spell had it’s Mana cost reduced from 19 to 16 back during The Summoning weekly event.



Trying to rewrite the lyrics of Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer to The Imps of Summer. But I am failing miserably. So just pretend that this post includes an extremly witty and well written The Imps of Summer.