Weekly Event: Holy Grail

Knights, Let us ride to Forest of Thorns!

That weapon though. xD

Biggest shield ever.

Ooh. Crimson Bat is baaaack~!

This probably means the Event Chest will hold Arcane Stealth Traitstones…:fearful: of which we only need 5 of them in total (at present).

Am not sure that the slight lift to 7 True Damage each, for Crimson Bat, will revive him with the high attack bestowed on all creatures as they ascend towards Mythic.

@Nimhain’s icon has changed…a wolf-like creature with skulls around its neck…a new troop, possibly the Beast of Khetar?

Wow dat weapon though! Must have a high mana cost, I would think.

You just have to wait and see :wink:

Looks like a Gnoll to me… so my money’s on Wild Plains again…

They will probably make the traitstone for the week around whatever colors that weapon uses. By the looks of the weapon, that likely means yellow green or yellow blue. Since yellow blue already happened, most likely yellow green.

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True - definitely a resemblance to the Gnoll, but could equally be Fenrir’s cousin. Interestingly, Fenrir is also a wolf-like creature with a skull hanging around his neck.

Skeleton, offcourse, nerve a troop again that i am using, thanks! :frowning:

No true shot / agile change? I was expecting a change there.

Hey Guys,

I’ve update the weapon image on the blog post to show the weapon’s mana colors.

I don’t get the reasoning of nerfing Skeleton, while more and more teams are using agile troops in their defense.

skeleton is cheap and makes skulls while also netting an extra turn. He plays a roll in true shot teams.

So, regarding the skeleton… we’ve played a lot of games this week and also looked at a LOT of data from games that are being played.

Skeleton is in way too good a place compared to other troops right now. In fact he is used almost twice as much as Goblins, and almost 3 times as much as Centaurs.

What we believe is that although there are some balance issues around trueshot & agile, the correct course of action is to first look at the skeleton, who in many cases is powering these teams. We don’t want to make any BIG changes too quickly, so we’ve opted for a very small mana change on Skeletons to start with (which is a good idea regardless), just to see how it affects things. We’ll review what happens over the next week, and make some adjustments accordingly.

We’re very much aware that players have invested a lot of time & effort into these traited troops, so we’re not planning anything drastic. A few small tweaks may be all that’s needed in conjunction with upcoming troops and changes in 109.

We didn’t communicate this very well… sorry about that - we’ve been crazy busy all day today!

Good ol’ Skeleton… still charges on one purple 5-match (Green Slime provides so easily…) and buffs his attack through the roof, puts out seven skulls AND gets an extra turn… So from one cast, I’m likely to take over 40 damage… yeah, still best troop in the game…

Stoneskin, entangle? They exist for a reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sirrian, that’s because not everybody has unlocked the agile trait of Centaur and Glade. I’m expecting more and more usages of them.

Yep - we’re aware of that too. We just didn’t want to overreact and change Agile/Trueshot too much, when we needed to get Skeleton into a better place first.

But as an attacker Skeleton is one of the troops that is going to hurt from defense teams that use the dodge skill. In other words, he already becomes less effective in the future.

But i will stop here. Looking forward to the next nerf. Probably Centaur Scout, which i am planning to use after unlocking his trait :wink:

Most teams playing a true damage attacker will want a skull-maker to use their true attack… Skeleton is the best one commonly available… Aziris is okay but hard to get hold of, Keeper and Bone Dragon arguably better but very hard to get hold of and power up…

So increase in people playing true shot teams will likely mean more skeletons not fewer… IMHO…