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Weekly event progress

I was wondering if @Sirrian or @Nimhain would like to fill me in on some data. Since it has been over 2 weeks, i was wondering if there was a way to find out which level of players are completing a certain amount of event stones each week.

I don’t think level is going to give you the view you really want.

It will probably show higher level players getting more, but there isn’t really any good way to separate the lower level very active players from those that have been around at a more casual level.

Statistics we probably can’t get, like how much time it takes to max out the event stones based on level ranges, would probably be more interesting. Things like what percentage of the player base is grinding to which levels of events.

So, I think the things you’d like to see most, are probably tied too closely to their core business to just put on the forums.

Actually, given that higher end players do pvp more, chances are they are not getting the event stones. The break down of the groupings would end up in a series of graphs based on level. Wondering which group caps the event the most each week would show each groups activity but it would be skewed because of xp gain.

We’re a bit understaffed at the moment, but we’ll try to pull some data on this early in 2017


take your time, the more data to pick through the better to theory craft with.