Webbed Enemy Troops Do Not Lose Magic Or Skill/Special (not a bug)

Platform: iOS 11.4 (iPhone X)
Client Version:

If an enemy (AI) troop uses a skill/special that webs one of my troops, my troop will lose their all of their magic or special move.

However, if I use a skill/special that webs an enemy troop, they lose no magic and will never lose their special move.


  • Ensure that you have towns/city (?!) with available quests that have enemy units that can ‘Web’ a unit
  • Ensure that you have a team set-up that includes a troop that can ‘Web’ a unit upon casting its skill/special.
  1. Launch Game
  2. Select a Town/City
  3. Select “Quest”
  4. Select “Fight!”
  5. Observe the enemy ‘Webbing’ one of your units
  6. Observe your unit ‘Webbing’ an enemy


  • If your unit is ‘webbed’ and has magic, they will lose all of their magic
  • If your unit is ‘webbed’ and has its skill/special ready, they will lose the ability to cast and all magic
  • If enemy unit is ‘webbed’ and has magic, they are just webbed no magic is lost
  • If enemy unit is ‘webbed’ and has its skill/special ready, they are just ‘webbed’ and lose no magic nor their skill/special


I would expect that they enemy units would suffer the same effects as my units, unless they have an ability that is called out to negate a ‘Web’.


  • This seems to be a 100% repro rate.
  • I have suspected this across multiple platforms, but only confirmed this on iOS
  • I have only repro’d this using Dragonette and its skill/special “Dragon Sting”, I have not been able to test this with any other unit
  • I have not tested this in any other mode other than ‘Quest Fights’

It sounds like you might be confusing debuffs here. Web reduces the Magic stat of the troop to 0, Silence prevents the troop from collecting mana and casting its spell. Dragonette applies several random debuffs, among others Web and Silence.

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Yeah, as @fourdottwo says, “Web” does not make a troop lose magic (that would be mana drain) or lose their special move (that would be silence, though technically silence doesn’t make a troop lose it’s special move, it just makes it unusable for the time being).

Dragonette is a tricky troop, as it doles out a random number of debuffs. My guess is that at some point you had an enemy troop that was both webbed and silenced and that is where the confusion is coming in.

Try to use a troop that can only Web, and see what happens.

All -

I definitely understand what you are saying. I am going to have to pay more attention to an exact story quest.

However, I can say that when they first introduced Web to me the Enemy Troop would Web me and it would literally drain all my saved mana/magic to Zero. If my troop had a special ready to cast, it would also get rid of that and drop my mana/magic to zero.

I am currently on Quest 19/29 in Zhul’Kari and I can say within the last 10 quests I have experience the described above.

If Web is not suppose to drain mana/magic then I may have to recommend starting somewhere in Zhul to look into this as it is frustrating to have all of this drained, especially if there is no Status Effect that does this.

You were facing Spider Queen, she can Web and Drain Mana with her spell, also reduces armor. She is very frequent in Zhul’kari battles.


Sounds good :slight_smile:
Feel free to close this. If I notice something similar in the future outside of Spider Queen and/or another that may possess this skill, I’ll go ahead and file another bug. Hopefully with a little more detail and accuracy.

Thank you, all!

These guys are correct! Thanks for helping, all, meant to jump in yesterday and got side tracked.

For future reference, this might help:

@ChaoticSol Thanks for submitting such a detailed bug report anyway :heart: