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Which troops are you looking forward to Webbing?

From the 2.0.1 preview thread:

Obviously this has the potential to impact some troops much more drastically than others. Some troops don’t have Magic at all, and for some (like, say, Alchemist or Valkyrie) the Magic stat dwarfs the side effect of their spell. Others live and die by Magic.

I for one am excited to use it on Gorgotha, for the lolz. More meaningfully, Mab can lose some (but not all) of her punch if she’s Webbed.

Which troops are you looking forward to Webbing?

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I’d say that I’m insanely excited by the idea of webbing Mab. :smirk_cat:

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I posted this question in the Official News Thread, but I guess I’ll do it here again too since it’s more relevant here.

What exactly is the point of Web… if the game already has Silence effect?

I was going to say Gorgotha also.

They’re similar but different :wink: With Silence you cannot collect any mana or use your spell whilst Web simply reduces it to zero but you can still collect mana and use your spell. Silence seems to be the more powerful of the two in my opinion.

Replied there:

But only a dev can provide clarity beyond speculation. I’ve been burned by making assumptions of late.

noone is going to use mab anymore because of web/impervious.

Sure they will. There will still be teams that she can stomp. Not everyone will go Impervious, as very few Impervious troops have killer effects of their own.

If only the first troop is Impervious, then she’ll still destroy the other three.

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Remember that in GoW you always play against the AI - which will (generally) use its spells as soon as it can. Webbing a troop so that a spell is cast for nearly 0 effect is, in many cases, better than delaying the cast of a full-power spell.


Which just point to something everyone has already noticed : the AI is weak and must be improved. If there was a way for some players to propose their own versions of AI, with simple rules (script based) on a test environment, maybe you could get cool ideas from them and you could offer a choice of a few different AI for teams made by players as was suggested by someone else.

Eh, you’d just replace one form of QQ with another.


I actually think the AI is perfect. To make a “good” AI (which is not a fun AI to play against) you need a static data set - no new troops, features, etc. GoW has set itself up beautifully with a paper-thin AI that works all the time - no need to put any development time into it. That allows 100% of development resources to go into making new troops & features for players.


I think I see your point, though not stated exactly like that. “paper-thin AI” could be translated as “can run on a smartphone without making it melt”. On that note I would agree, the temperature could even be reduced a bit more…

those darn summoners get webbed… that dokkfor - making a lvl 1 giant spider will be FUN!

You guys realise that Gorgotha slot 1 is probably played well over 90% for invades because AI is so dumb with skulls and gorgotha is practically immune to skull dmg… The match is over pretty quickly I just avoid all skulls (except if I face MAW 3rd trait) and give it to AI while I AoE murder your defense VERY quickly.

Gorgotha, Bat, Famine, Sooth was posted on a previous thread and practically OWNS any defense in less then 2 mins.

Except Maw! Definitely one of the upsides of Maw’s passive is that it punishes Gorgotha-as-sponge severely.

I think that’s why they refuse to rebalance Maw’s 3rd Trait, because it’s the “counter” to just leaving Skulls for the AI.

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Yup it’s a race , Famine VS Maw whoever unloads first xD … it’s still however possible to win even if maw’d since there is 2 kills (bat/famine) but I would probably retreat cuz it would take too long to finish.

Still allows the troop to struggle with out slowing the game down to a crawl.

God I agree with this so much. People don’t realize that if you made the AI hard, how much the grind in this game would be increased.

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