[Not a bug] Webbed Finesse doesn't get base magic buffed while webbed

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My troops were webbed (Finesse), due to the new dungeon traps. When I matched 4 gems their attack, armor, and life increased, but their magic flashed purple, showing stat damage. After the web dispelled, the base magic hadn’t raised from any 4 gem matches that happened while webbed.

I noticed this issue happened the entire dungeon run when I was web trapped.

My team was
Hero stormcaller +9
Hero and Finesse are fully perked out
Team link below.


Web temporarily makes your magic zero. When the web status is removed, you get your original magic stat back.

Entangle works the same, you can’t buff a troop’s attack while entangled. Attack temporarily becomes zero and once removed the original stat is restored.

Silence works the same with the mana stat, a troop can’t gain mana while silenced and once silence is removed they get their original mana count back.

TL;Dr not a bug


Correct, this is absolutely intentional. Not only does Web/Entangle force a troop’s Magic/Attack stat to zero, it also blocks all attempts to buff that stat until the ailment wears off (e.g. using Mang while Entangled will gain zero attack regardless of armor stripped).

From the official Help page article (added emphasis mine):

Keep in mind that Boost Ratios are exempt from Webbed (e.g. Paladin with 500 Armor will deal +500 spell damage even while Webbed), so while Finesse’s magic damage gets nerfed to almost zero, Ferocity and Cunning’s magic damage (which adds a boost ratio) remains at least partially effective.

Another positive note is that opponents cannot steal Magic from a Webbed Troop. Which is completely useless for teambuilding purposes (heh), but yeah it’s a thing.

However, there is probably one bug here: Any attempt to buff the Magic stat while webbed will cause a “debuff” FX (red Magic icon) to animate over the troop – something that does NOT similarly happen when attempting to buff the Attack of an Entangled troop. This is visually incorrect because the Troop’s Magic stat is not actually being “debuffed”, due to Webbed suppressing it entirely.