Weapons Upgradable - flags missing

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I upgraded as many epic weapons as I had ingots for. I went to the forge and made 2 ingots to top up the 34 I had left in order to upgrade another weapon.
When I next tried to filter weapons by “upgradable” the epic weapons were all jumbled up without any particular order, mixed in with legendary and mythic weapons which are ALL upgraded - and the upgradable epic weapons were not showing the upgrade marker.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

**Steps to make it happen again
I wondered if this had something to do with my epic ingot count now being at zero.
I went back to the forge and crafted 2 ingots.
When I went back to the troop menu, I was able to filter weapons by “upgradable” again :grinning:

They only show upgradable if you also currently have the ingots/souls/traitstones needed to do so.

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As you can see from my post - I already deduced that.
Not having the ingots does not negate the fact of certain weapons being upgradable.
They should show up as such in the filter.

The “upgradable” filter floats anything to the top that you can upgrade right at that very moment. If you are missing materials, then you can not upgrade it, so the filter doesn’t show it. It’s “upgradable”, not “still has upgrades remaining that need to be done”.

I don’t think there’s any bug here.