Weapon affixes feedback

A subjective, incomplete list of problematic affixes (legendary or higher rarity weapons):

Carved, Watery, Warm, Verdant, Astral, Fiendish - create a single gem of a specific colour.

The list of weapons not made worse by these is shorter than the list of weapons made (arguably) better, so I’ll go with that instead.

These weapons create gems, their affix creates another gem of a matching colour:

  • Emerald Tear, Hook Sword, Nimbus Bow

These weapons destroy or remove gems, altering a large part of the board. The gem created matches one of the weapon’s mana colours:

  • Dragon’s Eye, Gaard’s Wall, Titania’s Fan, Baat Jaam Dao

These aren’t necessarily made worse by unlocking their affixes, but I’d like to see them become LESS situational by replacing their gem creation affix with something else:

  • Pearl of Wisdom, Dragon Oak

My take: I believe Carved, Watery, Warm, Verdant, Astral, Fiendish should be reworked or alternatively removed from the weapons NOT listed above.

Dusk, Stone, Dawn, Hot, Forest, Cold - destroy a single gem of a specific colour.

I glanced over the list of weapons that have one of these but I can’t think of a single weapon I’d want this to stay on?

My take: Rework these affixes.

These weapons create conflicting storms:

  • Dancing Daggers

These weapons become too situational by unlocking their bonestorm, even if the theme fits:

  • Bonescraper, Secrets of the Crypt

My take: Replace the storms on above weapons with something else.

Hexed - 10% chance to transform the first enemy into a Giant Toad

Hexed’s transform chance is too low to build around it. Transform also heals and cleanses the target troop. Affixes should never be a downgrade. Hexed is often a downgrade. Hexed should be reworked to always be an upgrade.

My take: Essence of Evil’s cast & debuff order was changed. If nothing else, it should be possible to make transform always be the very first thing rolled for and applied when casting a weapon with Hexed.

E1: Added Hexed (Snooj/Fourdottwoone)
E2: Added proposed solutions


Can we add Essence of Evil for its Hexed affix? Hexed transforms the enemy into a toad. The weapon is better without it, so anyone who maxed Essence of Evil like myself made it worse.


I’d throw Memories of Stone, Screaming Tome and Staff of Insanity on the same pile. The Hexed affix is just too unreliable, you can’t really build anything around a 10% chance. Whenever it procs it tends to aid the opponent more than your team, by healing/cleansing a front troop that already took a serious beating. It would probably work out if the Frog retained health and status effects of the original troop, unlikely to happen though due to requiring coding effort, so just replace it with something else (e.g. charm, should be okay at 10% chance).


Having watched the Dev Q&A now I’d like to direct at Nimhain that limiting yourself to the most used weapons is not ideal. Some weapons are underutilised precisely because they were made too situational by their bad affixes to begin with. Case in point: Secrets of the Crypt is a great weapon with great synergy with both this week’s world event and the new legendary troop. But it remains underused because people are afraid (and rightly so) the bonestorm might backfire on them. Weapon upgrades should be exactly that: upgrades. If one invests resources into making weapons better then one wants to make said weapon better perform better - always; not 63% of the time, always. RNG weapon affix “upgrades” should not be a thing and if recent weapons are anything to go by then I believe you mostly agree.


Thanks for starting this therad and keeping everything in the first post, it’s greatly appreciated it. I’m passing this on, thanks again!


Thank you for the follow up!

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