Ways i would spend more money ingame/possible physical merch

some things i’d like to see added to the shop/buy with gems would be as follows

glory packs: to help get more of the weekly troop packs

chest events: possibly have a chest event day wherefor 24hrs. chests you open with gems are reduced priced or odds for a better troops are incresed slightly i think a 20% gem reduction or maybe have gem chests have VIP odds and VIP chest odds for legendary are doubled

now then on to physical merch i was thinking along with the usaul things like shirts and coffee mugs i was thinking maybe sell plushies of the legendary and mythic troops that come with a code for the troop.

I also have always liked the traitstone design so i another thing that has potental would be traitstone table lights in the shap of runic,arcane and celestial the runic and arcane traitstones can have all 6 lights built in to make all 6 runic traitstones as well as all the arcane traitstones

this one is a bit personal but i’ve always like snowglobes one thing i’d like to see is a GoW themed snowglobe that would showcase all the troops for 1 kingdom so 34 kingdoms and one for each delve so 34 delves (once all delves are released) thses are just some of the things i’d personally pay for