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Things you'd pay for (not towards P2W)

I’m a big fan of customization and would buy different hero, sound effects, or colorization packs. Probably have to be stored on my device.
I think it’s been discussed but can’t find where.
What would you buy that doesn’t make the game P2W?

I like the idea of bonuses.

Perhaps not gold because that could be bought and used on guilds. But XP or souls bonus doesn’t affect anyone but yourself. And it’s not pay to win because you can win easily without those bonuses - just pay to progress faster, which is ideal for this market since most are PTW.

I would buy a monthly sub with passive account bonuses every month. Something that rewards you more for playing more. Something that isn’t a gamble.

I’d also like to see cheaper bundles that take out the gambling. Almost every bundle is overpriced due to having keys or gems attached to it. I’d like to see some bundles that don’t have that and instead have permanent things for your account so it doesn’t feel like you’re throwing away your money, like the weapons that used to be in a glory pack that isn’t available anymore. Sell it by itself for $2.99 or something like that and I’d buy it. I really wish more games had little purchases so buying is available to more types of people rather than just the big spenders. Little purchases add up!

There’s no reason to have cosmetics so I wouldn’t be buying it. The only time I’d see it is if I was on the main screen looking at the portrait… If you saw it more, sure. Like if the old style of guild member roster was around. I just don’t see the point of wasting money on something you can barely even see… Unless you use your hero. But heroes aren’t as powerful as troops most of the time (well after they fix the bug)


Sniff I tried to find the pay suggestions threadit but kept getting wierd results. Search has a wicked side!
Would it have been a necro?

Ok thread delete? I can if ya want np

I would pay for cosmetics which I know are coming, traitstones(possibly), some kind of boost for a certain amount of time that boosts material gain, foil/shiny cards/troops.

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Ok, good cause Mekkalyn really put her heart into her post or lot’s of, what do you call them, ah yes words. Lol
Put a link thingy here to your post pretty please!
Not mocking you Mekkalyn was trying for humor to hide my oops!

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Mm Tacet already sorta did at the top with his post, if anyone wanted to see it they could. We’ll just make this thread the new one! :slight_smile: The other thread was old anyway. People had a lot of great ideas, hopefully that will continue on this thread. It’s a good conversation to have.

I’d pay to see the Lion and Tiger hero weapon get fixed.

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I will pay to get extra trait stones after battles with a lot higher % in getting the runics & arcanes and beyond. Extra souls is nice there are so many good cards that I want to team. Being able to change card border colors would be fun and enjoyable. I think the epic and legendary borders are to blended with overall card design. Would love to do more with extra troops. Like turning them also into trait stones that it needs or any stone in a list of trading rarity’s. What do you think?


I fear that would be borderline pay to win, as much as I’d like it

Although maybe it could be cheap so then it would convince free to play players to pitch in maybe $5. If you can’t spend $5 then you have no right to complain when you’re playing a completely free game with great devs.

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A flippant post but I’D PAY TO NOT HEAR MANA SURGE ever again!

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Why you do this to me?


Is ther a way to turn off gifs and such just for yourself?

Which browser are you using? In Chrome, you can turn off all images. Other browsers may have more advanced options to limit certain types of images, but I’m not sure.

Thanks Stan!

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I just tried it out to see what it looks like and had a flashback to my dial-up days in the 90’s.

Hopefully that helps with your eyes/headaches, though!

I seem to have spent quite a bit of time in GoW and wouldn’t mind saying “Thank You” in some way. I just don’t want that to influence my game experience, by being pushed on a shortcut not available to everybody else. I’d probably pay for some kind of “Coding for Coffee” DLC on Steam, a donation without receiving anything in return. Yep, pretty weird, iron man roguelike players might understand. :wink:

You could paypal me the money and I’ll buy some in-app purchases if it’ll help your cause.


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Alternate troop art might be a fun purchase, but I don’t think it should be more than $1.
Anything cosmetic HAS to be a microtransaction.
The other purchases I want to see are like @Mekkalyn said, stuff that is permanent without a GAMBLE element to push up price point.

Also, I know this is borderline pay to win, but I would like to see a VIP subscription that scales with VIP level. For example the Daily gems is great 15 gems/day, but wouldn’t it be nice if it scaled up with VIP level?

Even at a measly +1 gem/VIP level then you would feel like your previous contributions continue to have merit.

Just my two cents… Anybody else agree?


Efh if you keep just putting your 2 cents in you’re gonna be broke! :wink::grin:

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