Was a super-troll unit proposed?

I mean some spell like “doubles a chosen color, then adds 3 more gems of this color”. Due to its power it should be cast once.


A “rainbow troll”. I hope it wears leather chaps, a spiked collar, and a vest with no shirt under it.

Edit: I like the idea, even though I made fun of it a bit. And I agree that the mana cost needs to be quite high or it needs to be once-only, as you suggested. Just for the love of all that is good and right in the world, make sure it isn’t immune to mana drain.

We kinda already have it I feel?

If we ever gonna get a Super Troll, at least it should let us cast it as many times
we do like to for a high mana cost.

Queen Aurora is kinda like a Super Troll too. You often wants to create gems that
it is most of on the board to secure an extra turn.


Infinite self loop, filling up all other troops with the same color while proccing 4/5-match triggers? Probably not a good idea.


Pretty sure this is a very bad idea, unless carefully limited…

Not that this has stopped the last few years of powercreep…

You mean Rob Halford?

I was thinking more Masaki Sumitani or Glenn Hughes.

He needs a buff.