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Wanna show off my cool transformation team

Hey everybody, I was talking to my guild this morning about how mana transformation can be a great strategy to beat “cheapskate” opponents. They asked for an explanation so I thought I would make a video to show it, rather than to type forever into the guild chat

Thought I’d share it here to get feedback.

There’s no explanation accompanying the video because I wanted the video to do the talking and I found it very hard to talk and swap at the same time :slight_smile:

Also, this is my first captured video so pleas forgive any technical issues

Please let me know what you think!!!

Not sure how the deck you are facing is a cheapskate, but nice job cycling your abilities.

I shouldn’t have said “cheapskate” because that was in the guild chat… really nothing to do with this video. My bad


  • you don’t give up a turn unless you’re unlucky, so you can wear down pretty much anything, including new mythics that can get annoying with all of the stat decrease every time the turn swaps AND Maw (can’t devour you if it can’t hit you, right?)


  • so … very … slow …

Yes it can be extremely slow. In the vid I get the job done in 7 minutes, but I’m flying. That’s not an efficient way to play.

But I wouldn’t take on 8K teams with this as a matter of habit :slight_smile: Most 5-6K teams are destroyed in mere minutes.

Reckless, incredibly reckless.

Try Jarl / Hellcat / Alchemist / Moloch
With Moloch’s third trait, the whittling down goes faster.
Loop is Hellcat <-> Alchemist, Jarl (if still alive) is backup for when too many skulls have spawned.

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