Visual Error | Same Troop Art for Every Troop


There is a weird visual error that has started to occur since 3.1. Occasionally when searching for a specific troop by name, it will turn the troop art of every troop into that searched troop.


Also, unrelated to this, but also a visual error:

Not the slightest clue how that one occurred though.


Which platform is this on @Tacet? PC?



I have yet to see the troop glitch occur again, but the 6 summoning stone thing just happened again tonight for about the 4th time (no clue what triggers it still).


Although my glitches aren’t the same as Tacet’s, it’s still something that may need looking into @Ozball :

You will notice that the troops with black around them do not match the name on the card. It’s happened three weeks in a row now. Each time after I purchased the event troop and go to the troops page and use ‘Upgradable’ in the filter it does this.
This is also on PC/Steam