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Visual Error | Same Troop Art for Every Troop

There is a weird visual error that has started to occur since 3.1. Occasionally when searching for a specific troop by name, it will turn the troop art of every troop into that searched troop.



Also, unrelated to this, but also a visual error:


Not the slightest clue how that one occurred though.

Which platform is this on @Tacet? PC?


I have yet to see the troop glitch occur again, but the 6 summoning stone thing just happened again tonight for about the 4th time (no clue what triggers it still).

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Although my glitches aren’t the same as Tacet’s, it’s still something that may need looking into @Ozball :

You will notice that the troops with black around them do not match the name on the card. It’s happened three weeks in a row now. Each time after I purchased the event troop and go to the troops page and use ‘Upgradable’ in the filter it does this.
This is also on PC/Steam

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