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VIP points for dungeon purchase?

While waiting for the in-game chat to come back online we managed to stumble over an interesting discussion topic:

When buying the $4.99 dungeon offer, does it award 25 VIP points like other similar purchases do?

It doesn’t say anything on the purchase screen, which strongly suggests no VIP points. However, it’s that new look interface, it might not yet have the capability to display a VIP points indicator. It would also be the only type of purchase that doesn’t award VIP points, which would be odd.

In the end, the general consensus was that the dungeon purchase is too lackluster to consider buying, with VIP points possibly being the deciding factor. Nobody was willing to volunteer for a purchase, science be damned, so the question remains. VIP points included, yes or no?

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Yes it does.


One cat not killed by curiosity, thanks. :grinning:

I think this one belongs in Support.

I’ve wondered too, but I figured they had so many tickets open I’d miss out on my 25 VIP points for now, and open a ticket when things slow down for them a bit.