The dumb ? of the day

If I buy the new “505 Pack” on Steam (just added today), how many VIP points would I get? The store page doesn’t say. The “Starter Pack” on Steam is known not to give any VIP points at all, so I don’t want to buy a bundle and not advance my VIP status.

It would be listed if it provided VIP points.

Also $30 for that is lol. You are better off buying the $50 in game purchase for a Mythic and 650 up front gems (I think its 650). Pretty sure its the growth pack.

Edit: Its the growth pack. For $20 more its much better value. ( I can’t believe I just used the word value for a purchase on this game.) I also realized I’m trying to upsell for them lol.

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Steam purchases don’t give VIP points.

I got VIP points when I bought the Steam pet, it’s actually the only VIP points I have so far.

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Yes they do.

I got 250 for the pet, but at that time it was listed. Didn’t see them when I looked up the 505.

I would only consider it if I got $50 worth of VIP points on sale for $30. They don’t do that in the in-game store. The one and only thing I really want is to be able unlock buying VIP keys for gems.

I don’t remember getting anything for the pet; but it was on sale for $5.

When the pet was on sale for $5 on Steam, I purchased it, but the discount was Steam side, so instead of receiving only 25 VIP points, I received the full 250 points (because it was still considered a $50 item).