VIP points incorrect


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I have had only one purchase of $24.99. I should have 120-125 rewards points. However, I only have 50 rewards points.

Also, for further clarification, does $0.99 round up to 5 points?


What VIP level are you showing? The points shown appear to be the points towards the next level, so maybe you’re VIP level 2 and have 50 points towards level 3 (like I do)?


Had spent $34.97 and have level 3 VIP +10 points. though I don’t know how many points it takes for each rank, but would guess it is right for me.


This may be the case. I am 50/100 towards level 3. Is level one to two 75 points anyone?


You start at level 0, so maybe level 1 is 25 points, and level 2 is another 50?


Hrm… VIP is more costly than I thought. :sweat:
I’m currently at lvl 7, and it will take another $100 just to reach 8.

It would be nice to know the total amount to get from 0-10.


This whole game got a lot more costly. :\

I think they’re getting a little greedy. I think I’ve dropped the better part of $100 on this game with no regrets, and I was looking forward to (finally) having an excuse to spend some more.

But Good God, that’s only enough to barely get me into level 4 VIP? And another $45 before I even hit 5? So how many thousands to level 10?

I would arbitrarily declare a freemium game overpriced when its purchasable-only ‘achievements’ become diagnostic criteria for mental illness. I love the game and all but this is just taking advantage of human weakness. People are going to be missing rent payments chasing that little 10 badge.


VIP is (by definition) to reward those who’ve put the most money into the game… It’s bound to be expensive… It’s an extra privilege and not a right.

The bonuses are all nice whatever VIP level you’re at.

GoW at the end of the day has to survive as a business venture. Whatever the f2p passions of @Sirrian and the devs (and I understand they loathe p2w at least as much as we do), if the game doesn’t make enough profits 505 will pull the plug. They’re not a charity…

So we have a little creeping in our system to put good collection stuff and extra rewards out of reach unless we play for months or throw in some cash… So play for months - the game is so fun and engaging that should be manageable? Or add some cash to show your support and get a few extra freebies along the way.

The shop/VIP and other 108 stuff is cool for us, but in some ways just another business gamble. If it works, 505 makes more money and will allow more to be put back into the game - for all the cool content/guilds/events/minigames we’d like to see. If it doesn’t work and too many people are put off by the economy changes or sense of p2w, then the devs and 505 will respond and change it…

Personally I feel the balance is going to be fine. This game’s whole mechanic and the culture the devs gave us mean that p2w feels unlikely to me. There’ll never be anything in-game you can’t get with hard work or blind luck.

Tribute nerf and the transition to pay to play

My criticism isn’t directed at the system itself, but at the price ceiling. It’s a great way to take advantage of the f2p whales, but that’s the problem: It’s taking advantage of them.

I naively assumed it would top out somewhere near 5x the price of a new AAA game. Instead, it looks like you could build two high end PCs and enough AAA games to keep you occupied for years for the same price as VIP 10.

And that just looks bad.


That’s all part of the gamble I suppose… But it looks bad as an early reflex response perhaps… Maybe many of us who play the game a lot and feel important will need to accept that we can’t all be Very Important after all… :flushed:


I will say that it would be nice to have the point totals to the VIP levels. I have no problem with getting to VIP 5 and staying there for a while, but I WOULD like to know how much it’s going to cost me to do that.


We’ve found an issue where VIP Points are calculating incorrectly.

Because Apple no longer has our Starter Packs or the 25$ Gem pack active (you’ll notice they’re currently disabled in the game), players are not being credited correctly with VIP Points for those items they previously purchased. This will resolve most likely tomorrow when they’re active again!


My understanding is that VIP points are permanent - you won’t have to keep spending to stay there…

@Sirrian please confirm?


Ego ain’t involved. Talking business here.

A large part of the initial appeal of this game was that you didn’t have to be dumping money in hand over fist to have a sense of progress. Ironically enough, that’s what encouraged me to put money into the game.

Now, as an endgamer, it’s cool to have so much more to unlock, except there seems to be no reasonable way to do so. Thousands of hours, or thousands of dollars? Pick your poison. :\


VIP points are permanent.


Figures, that the one that isn’t working is the one I bought. Small wonder mine is on the fritz. I’ll wait until at least tomorrow before spending.

Are we going to find out when that gem sale is…?


I’ve spent about 180 USD (30 USD Gems Packs + 100 USD Gems Packs + one 50 USD Kingdom Pack) in GoW before 1.0.8, the game shows me that I’m VIP5 and 100 VIP points, is that correct?

PS. I’m a STEAM player.


You misunderstood. I meant I will probably pay to get to vip 5 rather quickly, but then it will be a while before I spend more.


Ah okay, sorry!


Update based on new information:

I can confirm my VIP points are short by 25 since level 1 requires 50 points, level 3 requires 150 points, and I am on 50/100. I currently have 100 VIP points when I should have 125.

It likely has to do with the $25 purchase option being no longer available.