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VIP Levels above 10

I see the VIP Level goes to 10. Is there plans to expand it beyond level 10? If not, maybe level 10 VIP members could get some extra consumables once a month.
Developers Thoughts?


I remember seeing the devs post something about that in game on the chat screen. That was a while ago now.

Seems like it would be a good idea to at least have some basic rewards for 11+ levels if achieving them was built on the same increasing scale to obtain them

Then when/if in the future additional bonuses or special events/rewards could be provided retroactively

Keeping the game not P2W is very important and the devs have done an amazing job of that, but the reality of Freemium games is that they still need to make money to keep it going - and those who are putting money into the game could be rewarded via a range of existing (or new) rewards and the balance can be maintained between free and paying players

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