VIP Level needs Raising

I have been at VIP Level 20 for quite sometime now. Has consideration been given to raising the VIP Level? Are points towards the VIP level still collected after reaching VIP 20 and would they be applied towards future levels of VIP should it be raised in the future?


Would also like to know this!


Id like to donate my excess, to guild members. Multiple thousands over 20 wasted. Also, tier 20 rewards suck. They need to add something to it.

VIP levels are an additional incentive to become a payer. They are meant to start your addiction, not to substain it. If you have reached level 20, you should be expected to keep paying out of habit and not to require any bonus push to do so.


Whether you spend, or play free should have no bearing on this. Im just talking about the value of what they offer. Nothing wrong with wanting more added to their offerings. Ironically, thats probably how they look at it. (your take) The only thing I can do is cut back on how much I put back into the game.

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