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Video: Top 10 WORST Legendary Traits

Hello everyone! Today I go over the top 10 worst traits currently in all versions of Gems of War. Most of these traits are so useless that you will never need to obtain them in their current state. Some of them are so horrifically bad that the troop can be even worst WITH the legendary trait than without it.

This is likely my last video on traits for a while as I have pretty much covered everything with them at this point.



Such a great list of awful! Crappy job @Tacet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just kidding great video as always. Time to go summon some wights


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I kind of disagree about Darkfall.

Shadow Dragon***
Bone Dragon***
Giant Spider***

It’s a dual Purple and Skull spam team

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Care-Bear-ohs. Tee hee.


I’m calling it “Care Bears” now, thanks Lyya. :wink:


It’s pronounced like Cerberus and Kerberos is just an alternate spelling.

@Mr.Strange wouldn’t agree on Miasma probably, as he had a team that used that teait to ensure Watcher would drain mana.

Regarding the worst of the worst, Gar’nok, I agree is a pretty bad legendary. However, he was the very first one that I pulled, and so I tended to use him until I got more cards. I got his first trait, stuck him in the back, and paired him with summoner. That way, once the enemy killed off my entire team, Gar’nok had a hefty attack and could one-shot just about everything at my (low) level. But yeah, totally agree, once I got some better cards, I put him out to pasture!

Ima still get some of these traits for kingdom power purposes. Those stars aren’t going to earn themselves…

That shouldn’t be necessary, especially with kingdoms going to 10 troops each. And the legendary third traits should be the last trait to take as it’s the most expensive one.

Anything that puts a status effect on a troop for 4-5 matches is far from useless.

But that said - Miasma isn’t very strong compared to many other Legendary traits.

Yes I agree. Miasma pairs well with the Assasin class weapon. So whilst it may not be very strong in isolation, the synergy it enables is very strong. Other bonus is easy reapplication after enemy cleanses.

Other status effect traits are in the same boat, useful if paired with x3 skull damage multiple troops if in front slot.

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The Attack gain often trick players into putting Venoxia up top when it’s very much an offensive support Troop.

Green Seer***

Has given me good results

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