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Video: Top 10 Traitless Troops

Hello everyone! Today I go over my top 10 list for troops that do not need their traits to fully function. This will save a large amount of traitstone resources that can be allocated elsewhere. If you know of any more, feel free to comment them below. :slight_smile:



Gonna go ahead and add Sheggra to that list. Few other legendaries who work fine without their traits but get a decent boost…

Stuff like Brian…

Any troop with pure garbage traits like Drake Rider…

This is actually where I thought the video was going, as opposed to troops with just straight up bad traits. But now that you mention it I guess it would be a bunch of Legendaries.

I was thinking about Sheggra, but his 1st trait is extremely valuable.

14 Arcane Traitstones

Epic troops only cost 12 Arcane Traitstones to fully trait. Other than that, great video!

Yeah, it is 8+4. I was thinking 8+6 for some reason during the video. xD

How is bone dragon not on the list? His legendary ability requires him to take damage, curse and anti-poison aren’t that great, but his main ability is the entire reason he’s on so many melee decks.

Because his third trait is sometimes useful, and he’s definitely enhanced by having it.

He doesn’t need it to be useful, but he’s even more useful with it unlocked…

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Yes, but it’s about troops that are good traitless, and b.dragon definitely is high up on that billet. Higher then Goblin King. If you’d watched the video, you’d see he says that some have slightly useful traits, but are mainly used because of their actual abilities and that their traits have little value, of which bone dragon’s last trait is definitely of little value.