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Arcane Plains Stones (Y/P) What troops would you trait?

I may finally have enough glory to purchase a bunch of Arcane Plains stones (along with Hellcat) from the Shop. So first thing I did was add that final trait to Banshee after all these months. Woot!

Thing is, there are a lot of good troop candidate choices for Yellow/Purple arcanes…

Hellcat itself
Infernal King
Ice Witch
Green Seer
Shadow Dragon

I’m afraid to go though my entire glory stash fully decking out Infernal King though. Which other Y/P troops do you recommend that absolutely I should consider traiting, if not fully, for at least their 2nd trait?

Would appreciate your advice for creating some better deck builds :slight_smile:

Also, is it ever worth purchasing 16 Arcanes to trait the Hero? That would be Warlord class this week.

Second question is easier to answer: you’ll EVENTUALLY end up with a truckload of monocolored Arcanes that you can’t use, so you might not want to bother with that. Depends on your available Glory and how much you want those traits on Warlord or whichever. If it were Purple you might want to get Sorceror traited.

As for the Yellow/Purples, IK is the obvious one. Banshee is basically my only other recommendation. Hellcat and Green Seer don’t need their traits to do their jobs. Faunessa is a maybe, very efficient with Empowered and Magic Link and 8 cost. The rest of them? If you’re going for 5-star kingdoms, sure, otherwise forget it unless you really like one of them.

(Tassarion can also go on your list but likewise isn’t necessary to trait out…)


Yeah, this is a rough one. Lots of usable troops to trait. I did Infernal King last time around, traiting up Shadow Dragon now.

Shadow Dragon’s 3rd trait is far less impressive than it seems. I ground up the stones to trait it before Infernal King, play quite a few matches with it, and the trait almost never comes into play.

Go ahead and trait it for fun, but Its just not as strong as it seems.

I’m going to take a chance that the forth horseman (Death) may use Arcane Plain. Stashed exactly 21 of them, if my gamble doesn’t pay off I’ll just use them on Shadow Dragon.

I’m just making a hopeful assumption that all four mythic horsemen will share each mana color twice. Since we now know the colors of Plague (G/Bl/P) I’m making a giant leap that the 4th mythic will be P/R/Y, thus each color being shared exactly twice amongst the Horsemen. Please be advised that I have nothing to base this on but a hunch so it may very likely be a swing and a miss!


still subject to change before official release.

I figured. But it was either Shadow Dragon or Faunessa or Hellcat & between the three…? Eh, Shadow Dragon.

I’m doing Shadow Dragon since I’ve got a deck idea I’m wanting to try that uses him, and I’ve been trying for the Arcanes for weeks with no luck :S I also don’t have IK so that makes that decision easy for me.

I thought about getting all the traitstones for Venoxia when they were available a couple of weeks ago, then thought, “Eh, I don’t have Venoxia, who knows when I’ll get her.”

Welp, got her a couple of days ago and I have no traitstones and I’m mad at myself.

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Ouch yeah that would hurt. I don’t generally have enough Glory to ever consider getting a large amount of these packs. This week has been my largest, where I had over 1000 glory to spend when it changed over.

This is what I thought it was before Plague’s colors were publicly known. Given that War was primarily Red, Famine primarily Brown, and Plague appears to be primarily Green, I would guess Death is Purple/Red/Yellow, is primarily Purple, and needs Purple/Yellow and Purple/Red. I really freaking hope he doesn’t need Red/Yellow.

I should probably get a few more Hellcats …

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I would definately lean toward Infernal King. But Green Seer is a good choice if you run a board control team. For me when I had multiple troops needing the same stones it came down to what team was I using. What troop is in that favourite team? Or what troop do I need to do to build that new and more powerful team to switch too.

As others have said . . . . very tough choice.

Credit to @Eika
List of troops per Arcane stone(+Mythics/Classes)

PLAINS - Yellow/Purple(116) - Divinion Fields
Atlanta 12
Banshee 2
Faunessa 12
Green Seer 12
Hellcat 12
Jackelope 2
Infernal King(L) 16
Herdmaster 3
Ice Witch 12
Nymph 2
Sacrificial Priest 3
Shadow Dragon(L) 16
Tassarion 12

IK is the obvious one to finish first - after that it is much more based on what teams you want to use and also what Kingdoms you are trying to 3/5 Star

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I’ve traited Infernal King because he is playable in many combinations and after that i traited Tassarion because he and Borealis were the only troops of Glacial Peaks not fully traited. Now i’m missing only Borealis traits. :slight_smile:

Watch, Death’s 3rd trait will be Death Mark on 4 or 5 Gem matches, disappointing everyone. (While at the same time being surprisingly strong considering after 2 turns there’s as much chance for killing an enemy troop as there is for curing them. Idk, speculation and stuff!)

Which brings us to ‘doesn’t refreshing a Death Mark restart its duration and put the troop back in the safe zone?’ which would make that kind of useless.

Thank you everyone for weighing in the pros and cons. That’s an interesting point Shimrra about eventually having “too many mono Arcanes” than we can shake a stick at-- although I’m hardly swimming in anything at this point, heh.

Infernal King it is, then. Fully traited Faunessa also looks good to me. From the replies above, I still have a question that’s been lurking in the back of my mind for a while. Namely, no one’s keen on suggesting Herdmaster as an additional possibility. Why?

I mean, he’s got insta mana generation and an AOE cleanse against Burn and Freeze etc, as well as a means of refreshing the board. Though of course Banshee provides better deck control than he does… Is the actual issue that Herdmaster doesn’t do enough damage on his turn or generate enough mana, or what is it, really?

Just my POV here but–Herdmaster is fantastic in arena. He can generate a TON of mana and the cleanse is useful.

But in PVP he’s too fragile to fill the first slot and his traits don’t change that. Wildfolk bond? Is anyone making a wildfolk team? And then Leader, which is not enough of a buff to make him a proper tank. Impervious is great.

I really like Herdmaster but every time I look at those traits I think, “Ehhhh. Maybe next time.”

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That’s too bad about this otherwise useful troop being too fragile. I don’t know whether replacing his Wildfolk bond with perhaps the Huge trait of gaining life would help.

Similar case in point: for ex, the only thing that makes a Treant viable in the leader position is that his traits afford him sufficient protection from skull damage. Since I can’t yet trait Treant, I stopped using him and don’t even consider him anymore for PvP. :frowning:

I’m using Herdmaster/Soothsayer/Valkyrie/Druid against medium difficulty teams to earn some extra souls. But it’s too weak against 7000+ teams.

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