Video: Top 10 Troops to Trait First | Version 2.2 for All Platforms

Hello everyone! It has been ages since I posted on the forum. Here is a list of some really useful troops to trait when first starting out in Gems of War. This is also fully applicable across all platforms as consoles just recently got the 2.2 update.


I’m a bit surprised you didn’t throw Golem in alongside Lava Elemental. Great spell, also Stoneskin, and a Link as its third trait.

Tough to argue with your number one pick, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re talking about 10 cards if you had to unlock all three traits, then I think this is a pretty sound list as it covers a good range of mechanics, etc. Nice job as always.

that list is very solid with one exception…Banshee, that troop does both a lot of damage, gives lots of souls, and fills important troops.