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Video: New Player Basics to Spending ALL Resources

Hello everyone! Today I go over the best methods to obtain each resource as well as the general starting path for spending each resource and the basic methods to optimize allocation of resources.

All Classes Explained: https://youtu.be/DQuh5xFNVSk



great job.


I would add if you need arcane stones the best place for now in console is to buy vip chest x10 or x50 you will get 2 arcane stone or 1 troop but when you open more then 1 at once the arcane drop rate is very high ex: if you open x10 you will get easy 16 stones and if you open 50 chest you will get over 80 arcane or celestial stones

This is for console i don’t know if it is the same for pc and mobile

PC/Mobile can’t obtain VIP chests unless we spend at least $130 on the game. Also, even if you can buy VIP chests, 50 gem keys > 10 VIP chests.

Ok that’s suck for pc players, at least they got explore mode, console will get it soon it’s why im trying to bank the more i can in case they also change vip drop rate :slight_smile:

Also i agree if you looking for troops it is better to go for gems chest but if you need a specific legendary or arcanes stone, vip chest is the place on console

There is no change in the drop rate per chest opening when you buy in bulk. In that sense, it makes no difference if you open one at a time, 10, or 50. However, in the case of chests that cost Gems (Gem, Event, and VIP chests), you do get a discount for buying in bulk, which gives you a few more pulls at the proverbial slot machine.

For Gold and Glory chests, the only thing you gain by opening in bulk is time, and less repetitive stress on your tappy- or clicky-finger.

So how do you explain i got 100 arcane stones the other day when i opened 50 vip chests?

If i buy 1 by 1 im getting more troop

On PC/Mobile, it happens just like Lyya described. I’ve never gotten all arcanes from opeing 50 VIP chests at a time. It’s always been a mix of arcanes, legends and epics for me. (Base Mythics can drop from this chest as well, but I’ve never gotten one from there.)

RNG. Simple as that.

You would need a lot of data points (thousands of opening events) to get a margin of error that would let you reasonably make that claim. As it is, you’ve got an anecdote, which is easily counter-argued with a contrasting anecdote.

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Trust me it’s not anecdocte it’s true you can ask other console player

As you know I play both versions of the game. I have opened plenty on both.

VIP chest on console is not the same as pc version. No random legendary or two epic troops or 2k gold.

Now before the last update the console VIP rng was very similar to the pc VIP rng. Mixture of troops and stones.
I haven’t had a troop for the last 30 vip chests on console. Lol, 60 stones.

I have never seen it happen like this on pc vip chest and I doubt I ever will. That’s why there were two completely separate threads asking about Console VIP and is it broken


Hey @Tacet, I’d like to suggest that you make a similar video, but for late game players. It took me a long time to figure out that I should save gems for event chests that contain legendaries that I’m missing. Or how best to obtain mythics. I’ve seen you post that gem chests are better than vip chests. Even though that seems counter-intuitive. Anyway, just a suggestion. I think you have a lot of people watching your videos that are late game players also. And they may appreciate such a video as well. Thanks for your videos.

Edit: just curious, does anyone know the chances for mythics in gem chests vs vip chests? I think gem is 10x chance. But not sure about the rate in vip chests.

Sure, but it will have to wait until after 2.1 comes out. The 2.1 update is going to be drastically changing the in game economy for anyone use to the current end game experience. Newer players will still have to do the same start regardless of 2.1, which is why I did them now.


@Rickygervais VIP chests on Console has the same $130 requirement. Although the Console marketplace on occasion will allow you to buy a few VIP keys in some bundles for $$.

@Rickygervais PRIOR TO the last update there has been some postings of multiple VIP 50 chest openings on console getting a perfect score “100 Arcanes”. I seem to recall someone got it 3x. (300 Arcane no troops). I don’t think there is any data from post update.

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So im not crazy, not always bad RNG there is really aomething different in console version

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these are the mythic rates as usuall, probably you will see such kind of post soon with the next mythic :stuck_out_tongue:

5x 50gem chests =2250gems >> 250 x10 chance points = 2500
1x 50 vip chests =2250gems >> 50 x100 chance points = 5000
supposedly twice as much chance but you only get to draw 50 chests instead of 250… so rng can still do whatever it wants

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Except the math doesn’t quite work like that.

Assume, for the sake of argument, that there is a 0.1% chance to draw a Mythic from a Gem chest. You then have a 1% chance to draw one from a VIP chest. Your chances of not drawing a Mythic on each pull is 99.9% and 99%, respectively.

In your example, you are investing 2,250 gems, which gives you 250 Gem pulls or 50 VIP pulls, respectively. Your chance to get one or more Mythics from Gem chests is:

Pg = 1 - (0.999^250) ~= 0.221 = 22.1%

Your chance to get one or more Mythics from VIP chests is:

Pv = 1 - (0.99^50) ~= 0.395 = 39.5%

So it’s a little worse that twice as good. If we change the probability of a single Gem draw to 0.2%, we instead get Pg = 39.4% and Pv = 63.6%, which is markedly less than twice as good.

VIP is still the best odds you can get, but it’s not a linear improvement.


Did the community ever come up with a likely figure for obtaining mythics from gem chests?

This post turns me on…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I kept trying to tap that Mail icon during the entire video. You’re killing me, @Tacet.