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Legendary Drops From Glory Keys

How many gem and event keys are you getting?

Glory is for the weekly troop releases. What percentage of people have access to the Vip keys?

Are you able to put a value on what legendary troop drop rate you are getting from glory keys?

My glory key drops aren’t great for the most part. I don’t even have any idea, maybe 1 in 200 or so.

I’m enjoying the gem keys I’m getting from the 2.1 guild update - probably getting 1 legendary every 15-20 chests or so.

And no, not everybody gets VIP keys but if you can get there, they’re worth it. The last time I opened 10 VIP chests, I got 4 legendaries and 8 arcane trait stones.

Sounds good. I didnt realise gem keys were so useful. I have never found a legendary from them on console.

While on the subject, has anyone pinned down the percentage chance for Legens + Mythics off each available chest in the game - Gold ones excluded ofc.

I am particularly interested to hear your feedback on VIP chests and whether they are worth their gems.

Glory keys have always been better at ascending blues and purples rather than gem keys, and with the added bonus of getting legendaries every so often. It was a great way to start filling up your legendary collection so you have more chances than just gems…

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This thread and the linked video have a good discussion of key rewards. Tl;dr: VIP chests are higher odds for Legendary/Mythic targeting, but you might be better off with Gem or Event chests in some cases.

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Yes definitely better for getting blues. I’ve found gem chests better for purples though I don’t open nearly as many…

Yes Lyya, Tacet has been a wealth of information since I started being busy with GoW. Yet have not seen any exact figures on % chances per chest type for the above troops.

Btb, Arcanes were said to be a 6.0 - 6.2% drop chance (lacking source atm but it’s within this forum).

Yeah the amount is what makes the difference. When you could open a thousand glory keys you were bound to make more purples than you would out of 1,000 gems worth of keys.

Well, we don’t have “exact” numbers, but @Shimrra has opened enough chests to get a pretty decent picture. His data can be found here:

Console and PC have the same droprate. Unless Infinity changed it in the past month or so.

I recorded some of my drop rates just before the 2.1 update.

These are just for legendary troops, I didn’t bother counting the equivalent arcanes.

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That would be pretty close to what other people are reporting. The general consensus was somewhere between 100-200 keys. 182 is pretty good.

It would be nice if this could be reconfirmed by the console devs. Nobody I have spoken to is experiencing the same droprate that PC players are. And all the PC players have stated a consistent value of 1 in 100-200.

I am on the Xbox one can say I have been getting legendaries in the 1 in 150 range. Yesterday being an extremely lucky day getting 2 new legendaries in a single batch of 50. 4 in 400 keys.

You are one lucky sob :+1:

Im on the xbox. I used 400 glory keys this morning and got 2 legendary troops. That is much better than my previous 1 out of 1000. My average is now 1 legendary every 467 keys lol wtf


Making me want to spend my keys!!! Must wait for Mythic War


Just went onto the Console version for the last time, just to use up my keys before completely leaving it behind for Mobile.
400+ Glory keys gave out 1 legendary, 7 Epics and a bunch of things below that. That’s about 300 more keys than what I’ve used on mobile, where I’ve gotten 4 legendary troops from Glory keys.
Feel bad for those on Console from my personal experience.

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Yeah I was hoping the drop rates had got better from someone above saying so, but no such luck.