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Video: New Player Basics to Spending ALL Resources

Doesn’t this refute @Tacet’s claim that Gem Chests are better than VIP Chests (assuming the goal is Mythics/Legendaries)? 10x the drop rate for 5x the cost always seemed pretty straightforward to me…


Awesome! Thanks for the info. I wasn’t sure about the drop rates. Still not sure if I will buy vip or gems chests. I have about 3,200 gems and glory keys each. I’m also still missing famine and death. Both of which seem to be better than what I have heard about the new mythic. Although, I still don’t know a lot about the new troop besides what his third trait is.

I would have to have that logic explained to me, as well. I don’t see why Gem chests are better for Legendaries or Mythics. They’re obviously better for Ultra-Rares, and perhaps better for Epics? (Haven’t done that math.)


There are 3 instances in which gem chests are better than VIP chests, all of which are applicable for newer players. Gem chests are better than VIP chests when:

  • A player can only afford bulks of 10 VIP chests instead of 50
  • A player needs more troop selection
  • Ultra rares aren’t maxed to mythic

I never said that VIP chests are worse for getting epics, legends, and mythics. VIP chests are the best in the game for getting all of those. It is just that the ratio of resources accumulated from gem chests compared to VIP is nearly a 3:1 ratio. VIP chests get a lot less resources, but those resources are of higher rarity. This isn’t as needed for a newer player since diversity in choice for team composition is normally more important than getting a legend or mythic. Many ultra rares are just as strong as legendary options and the runics are used to upgrade pretty much everything


Makes sense to me!

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Can you say that again but with more maths? I want you to talk dirty filthy probability to me

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We don’t know the probability of an epic dropping on a VIP chests, or more so the lack of an epic dropping. We would need the legend+mythic drop rate together to figure out what the epic droprate is for the exact ratio. 1:3 is just the simplified version.

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