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The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 2 (Current Event: Stormheim)

Thanks for the pep talk.

Does that mean that the spend 15 gems per troop is better chance than spend 10 gems a troop?

15 gems per is event chests. Those are the ones you do NOT want if mythic troops are what you seek.

Alright, thanks for clarifying that.

No prob.

VIP chests (50 gems) have the best chance
Gem chests (10 gems) come next
Glory chests have the least chance but can contain mythics

Specifically, VIP chests cost 5x what Gem chests cost, with 10x the payout for Legendary and Mythic troops. That doesn’t necessarily translate into 2x the odds of pulling one Mythic from a given set of keys, but it’s definitely more efficient than Gem chests are, if your aim is solely Legendaries and Mythics.

I am only VIP 2 so VIP chest wont apply to me, will just have to keep trying with Gems (10 gems) and Glory chests.


all keys used from 2 weeks of pvp (so about 90 (i think) glory keys) and only got a sylvanimora and a feldras.

Only 1 troop left that I intend on using.
And only 1 epic troop with arcanes I need.

Catch up is over for me unless some of the new troops on PC are useful

Pretty sure some of the troops in the dragon kingdom are useful.

Seems like it. I don’t plan on using them in any particular teams though


I just opened 50 event chests on a whim to take a stab and war and famine…

I got both at the same time >_>

EDIT: Mean’t VIP chests not event chests.


You mean VIP chests.

Yeah, mythics aren’t in event chests unless a change was made for console from PC

Apologies, I meant VIP chests, not event chests.

Crikey that felt good

I got a War, very happy. Tried for another and got another War. At least it wasn’t another Death lol.

Still need Famine (want badly) and Plague (only to have in Collection)

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Damn i got 5 plague give me one death i will give you 1 plague

I’d give you 2 Deaths for 1 Plague if I could