Video: Honor Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over early and late game builds that you can use with the guardian troop of Honor. Honor has the highest armor buff potential of any troop in the entire game AND has the highest stats of any troop in the entire game if fully traited. It also has stoneskin on 2nd trait for 50% skull reduction, also making it the tankiest guardian and the 2nd tankiest skull resistant troop in the game only being behind Gorgotha.

“Should I start using the dragon avatar in more of my videos?”


I voted in the straw poll. One idea for your Dragon avatar is that you can have the cute lil guy be there at the beginning of your videos but then fly away or something once you do your salutation and get to the topic.


Yeah, it’s cute, but adds nothing for me. As much as Tacet says it doesn’t block anything, I felt like it kinda did. I would feel the same way whether it is a dragon or a person’s actual face. I’d rather just have an unobstructed view of the gameplay once it starts.

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That would be cool. I’ll need to see if I can find a way to toggle it. xD