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Video: Hag is Useful?! - Random Troop Challenge

Hello everyone! Today I build teams out of random chest drops and test them out in PvP.



Hi Tacet,

Enjoyed the vid and all your other vids keep up uploading them!

Hag the monster :smiley:
When she gives herself magic like that she really becomes strong buffer :slight_smile:
I always liked her but on the end of the day it’s too random.

ROFL, nice video. Gotta love it.

With Hag and Twisted Hero, their boost is way too low. Brian has the exact same boost, but applies it to 3 troops instead of a random one. The self boost is nice, but too random to justify 1/3 the power. However, I am having fun using all three:

Brian the Lucky
Twisted Hero
Crimson Bat/Draakulis/Webspinner/Behemoth

Yes but hag also applies a random status effect + her spell is much cheaper :slight_smile: