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Video: 4x Different Keys - Random Troop Challenge

Hello everyone! Today we do the random troop challenge again, this time doing it with a variety of keys instead of just focusing on 1 drop pool.

Also, I have finally made a playlist for all of the random troop challenge videos for any of you interested in seeing all of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_CRlY99gwU&index=3&list=PL0DU9yv-QMW0a8w-bkxF1wJXK7nBvFU6g



Enough keys, gems and glory to get you through Winter anyhow!

Nice video concept

I think the video would be better served if you fought the 3 crown opponent every time. Thanks for the video!

You’ve inspired me to create something for randomizing troops, much like Arena, but with all your traits, with more flexibility, and for use on PvP.


It’s an excel sheet that randomizes troops as if you were opening chests.

I set it as if I my team would have 1 troop from a Gold chest, 2 troops from Glory chests, and 1 troop from a Gem chest, but that’s easily customizable. Also, you can adjust chances that each rarity drops on each chest by changing column C on tab Chest Drops. I’ve based mine roughly on info I found here in the forums.

I also made it so that you have 3 picks from each of the 4 “chests”, and you can arrange them in any order in your team.

To draw a set of troops, select the Draw tab, and you can either go to Formulas, and select Calculate Sheet, or even selecting a random empty cell and hit the delete key, for example.

If new troops are added, just add them to the tab corresponding to its rarity, and it’s gonna enter the draw automatically.

EDIT: The 2nd Glory chest was set up as Gem chest, so I fixed that now.