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Victim of Devour nerf: Wulfgarok

So I was playing my GW with my usual Impervious Purple team and then:

I am finally able to eat something with Wulfwulf but no way because of the stupid boost of Barrier to counter one troop: Kerberos…

So first question: why nerfing a whole mechanic for only one problematic troop?
And the second one: can Wulfgarok have a boost? Like Dispel similar to Black Beast’s “boost”. I think that Wulfgarok was a good troop, not excellent one so with this nerf, he’s becoming borderline…


i think wulf should have a bit of damage boost


It should be possible to work a barrier removal on the devour victim into his spell, his devour never was part of the ‘problem’ leading to the nerf.
If not then Wulf should be compensated in some way.
Same goes for Death btw who is trash now after the DM nerf.


Death is currently the victim of rage on the deathmark issue. He needs love and something good for the guy. I feel like sad death is sad as people only use him for the aspect of death trait


he could get additional “create 7 blue gems” to the spell and he might become good again

or additional X damage to each deathmarked enemy

Squeezing a Kraken into that team would clear up that nasty barrier problem you got there.

And now I sound like some acne cream commercial. “Kraken, apply directly to the Barrier!”


What I’m curious about from that picture

Would barrier prevent Dracos from destroying a troop? It does do damage if the destroy is triggered and it doesn’t have dispel (which it probably should).

Maw and Wulfy got the short end of the stick. 100% devour rate on non-pervious troops has now become 0% with barrier applied.:rage:


Agree. Wulfgarok needs a major boost now. He was already hard enough to use AND Mythic! Now, he’s nearly useless and Mythic. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Nimhain Can you all look at Wulfgarok boost in the future?



Ketras got a boost and in reality didn’t need one. Wulf has arguably been the poorest mythic released and he didn’t receive the intended indirect boost I feel the team was going for with the addition of more warfare troops in update. Most are situational at best and lack synergistic quality. As well with the addition of +5 all stat troops from GW his main trait is certainly less unique and practical. His damage is too low and requires crippling a troop in order to use an indirect devour which in most cases is less than ideal since so many options allow for killing troops outright.


My Wulf/FG team is now pretty useless against FG/Kerberos teams lol :joy:

I would have to check it again but I swear that Dracos killed a Barrier troop when I was running an all-Impervious Purple team during that GW day. Perhaps “Destroy” doesn’t count as numerical damage to trigger Barrier? I was surprised when it happened, would have to test it out again.
I do know that Dracos is excellent against DeathKnight since the Stun happens before 25% Destroy.

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Pretty sure I’ve also had dracos instagib through barrier.

I don’t have wulf, but now I don’t even want him because of this…

Pretty sure that Dracos skill is same type as Hero class Archer and Assassin, only higher chance to kill. Kill skills have never had much of a counter.


(Except Stun for traits and Silence/Drain for spells)

Haven’t tested against Unity, but on AIR, Barrier does protect against being destroyed by Dracos.

I’m finding that this was a misguided fix. Barrier isn’t a great defence against the fill-and-devour-on-one-match meta KGSFG teams, it’s hard to put in place fast enough to stop an RNG Kerbiekill. That meta problem seems to still remain in lots of my draws. The side effect has been to make other fun troops less viable against a meta with lots of FG barriers around.

I actually approve of the upgrade to Barrier in principle; it was a bit under-powered and thematically should shield you from harm. I agree that a few troops that’ve indirectly suffered could do with an upgrade to compensate.

Still need to take Beast type off the Kerbie to break this RNG troll link.


Barrier is very fast to put in place if you have a fully traited Jotnar! :smiley: Also a traited Dragonian Monk can be filled up with a single turn.

I feel both are far too hit-or-miss to be reliable as a counter. Jotnar you need to get a 4 match and only protects one random ally, leaving Kerbie to eat something else. If you can get enough 4 matches to get enough barriers up to be meaningfully protected then you could be winning with something better.

Draconian monk might be a better option but still a bit random, and hardly an endgame competitive troop.

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Change Wulf from DEVOUR to DESTROY and problem solved. :wink: